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stinker_1 in passion_perfect

It's been a long long time....

Hello all,

Its been years since I have been an active member on LJ and it dawned on me that some of my favorite fanfic and the glorious minds that created them lived her once.  I am hoping that many of them are still active and still keeping fanfic alive.  Long story short any recs?  I dont even care about the pairing, I have been out of the game so long that I am sure there are some new and amazing pairs that I dont even know about.  Your suggestion and links would be appreciated.  I would like to get back in the game if at all possible.

Thank you in advance


lot of good fic in the killing eve section - https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Eve%20Polastri*s*Villanelle%20%7C%20Oksana%20Astankova/works

that's what i'm reading right now. but at ao3 you can find all kinds of fandoms and stories. just use the filter button and choose the kudos button and you'll get popular stories and go from there.
Which fandoms are you looking for exactly(can be anything besides the lattest 2 years, I´m not that well settled in that area)?
Here's two.

One is a Game of Thrones fic with Daenerys and Sansa. It's thirty-six chapters long but not completed as I can tell. But last updated 2015. Hot Coffee https://m.fanfiction.net/s/9604854/1/Hot-Coffee

The other is Resident Evil with Alice and Claire. Secrets and Flies. https://m.fanfiction.net/s/7474866/1/Secrets-Flies
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