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Coming Home part 2

Title: Coming Home-Part 2
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam/Janet (but the guys are in it too)
Warnings or Spoilers: at times this will get rather dark, with big doses of hurt, there will be sex and bad language but no spoilers for the show
Archiving - yes, as always
Summary - Daniel joins in on the tale of what happened during the mission
Rating- R
AN: thanks to my beta...sams_ceara

Daniel paused in his telling of the story; he took a drink from his now cold coffee, making a face at the cold drink.

“Want some more?” asked Janet.

“Yes, please,” he replied.

As she fixed him another cup she remarked, “You did a good job with her back, I could barely see the scars or feel them.”

“I had a good teacher,” he commented, giving her a smile when she handed him a fresh cup.

Just then, a strangled cry came from the living room, “Nooooo!”

Janet rushed to the room where she found Sam twisted up in the blanket, thrashing around, repeated crying out no and stop. She grabbed Sam by the shoulders, trying to stop her movements, ”Sam!…Sam!….wake up!”

Sam struggled against her hold and then her eyes popped open, when they focused on Janet she stopped her struggle but continued to shake. “Janet?” she whispered.

“Yes, sweetie, it’s me,” Janet said softly, pulling Sam up until she could wrap her arms around her trembling lover, “I’ve got you…it’s okay.”

Standing behind the couch Daniel watched the doctor comfort his friend, wishing there was more he could do to help. Janet looked up at him and motioned with her hand for him to come around.

“Sweetie…Daniel’s here, let him hold you while I go get something to calm you down,” she murmured rubbing Sam’s back.

“No shots…don’t want to sleep anymore,” Sam mumbled.

“No…no shots…just a little pill to make you relax, I promise,” Janet told her as Daniel came around to sit on the couch.

Sam saw him sit down and practically jumped into his lap when Janet loosened her hold. “Hey there, Sam…I gotcha…we’re going to get you through this okay,” he spoke softly, holding onto his trembling friend.

The doctor smiled at him, watching as he rocked back and forth with Sam cradled in his arms; he was right, they would get her through this.


Daniel cradled the shaking body of his friend, holding her close to his chest; he began humming the lullaby he used to soothe her that night under the tree. Slowly she began to calm down but her grip on his waist never faltered. Hearing footsteps, Daniel looked up to see Janet coming back downstairs, medical bag in hand. He stopped her with a raised hand before she could say anything or come closer. The doctor gave him a confused look and he held up one finger telling her to give him a minute. Janet nodded, and sat down on the bottom step, still in range to hear whatever they said.

“Hey, Sam…you think you could let up on the bear hug you have around my middle? You’re gonna damage something,” he said softly, his tone light.

He heard a quiet chuckle and then her hold loosened some. “Sorry…didn’t mean to squeeze so hard,” was her muffled reply since her head was still pressed against his chest.

“Sam…look at me,” he said softly.

She shifted her body, not letting loose of him; this put her head in the crook of his elbow and she looked up at him, tears still streaming from her eyes.

“What happened to the woman who told me a couple of weeks ago I needed to stay strong and not give up?” he asked, his voice low but still loud enough that Janet could hear.

“She’s in here somewhere, Daniel…I know she is…it’s just everything that happened keeps replaying in my head, and I can’t make it stop. I want it to stop,” she replied, her voice choked with emotion.

“Well then, don’t you think talking more with Janet about what happened will help you? Sometimes it’s better to talk about the bad things in order to move past them,” he told her, wiping the tears from her face.

“Oh, Daniel…what if I tell her and she hates me for what I did?” she choked out, tucking her head against his side and gripping him tightly once more.

“But didn’t you tell me it was her love for you and yours for her that kept you going? That her love gave you the strength to make it through it all?” he asked, looking up at Janet he motioned for her to come over now.

Janet walked around the couch, coming to a stop beside the pair. She knelt down, placing a hand on Sam’s legs, and then she laid her head on Sam’s hip where her lover could see her face from where she lay in Daniel’s arms. The doctor reached up with her free hand and ran her fingers through blonde locks.

“Sweetie…I could never hate you; no matter what you’ve done. You were trying to survive and you did; that’s all that matters to me,” Janet spoke softly and calmly, even though tears flowed from her eyes as well.

Sam sniffled, turning her head to look at Janet, removing one of her hands from its grip on Daniel and taking hold of the fingers threading through her hair. She then pulled the hand to her lips and kissed the palm.

Daniel watched as Janet moved closer and placed a soft kiss on Sam’s lips. Feeling a breakthrough was made, he sensed the time for a little levity.

“Ummm…ladies…as touching a moment that is I don’t think my lap is the best place to be doing that,” he commented, grinning at the two women.

Sam broke the kiss by laughing and Janet joined in with her as they looked up at Daniel’s blushing face. Janet stood up, tugging on the hand still holding hers, “Come on, sweetie, let’s give the poor man a break.”

The blonde allowed herself to be pulled out of Daniel’s lap and over to sit next to Janet who took a seat on the opposite end of the couch. This allowed Daniel to get up and move around to get the circulation going in his legs again.

“I’m going to get some coffee and give you two some alone time,” he said, pointing towards the kitchen and walking away.

They could not help but laugh again at his hurried pace; it was something both of them needed at that moment. Janet picked up her bag from the floor and began searching through it.

“Janet…I’m fine now; I don’t need anything to calm me down,” Sam told her.

“I still want you to take something; I have a feeling you will need it,” replied Janet. “Don’t make me go all doctor on you now; it’s just a low dosage of valium, nothing that will knock you out.”

Sam sighed, if she was going to tell more of her story then maybe it was a good idea; she held out her hand. “Okay…are you gonna make me dry swallow them?” she asked, looking at the two small pills Janet placed in her hand.

“No, silly…I’ll get you some water,” she leaned over, gave her lover a kiss, and then went to get her a drink.

“Coffee would be nicer.” She heard Sam say as she walked into the kitchen.

Daniel was sitting at the island, a fresh cup in his hands. Janet walked over and engulfed him in a tight hug. “Thank you,” she whispered, placing a kiss on his cheek.

He returned her hug and replied, “It was nothing really…I just think she needed to hear from somebody else that it was alright to talk about it all; especially to you.”

Rising from the stool he said, “Well…I’m going to go and let you two talk. I’m glad I could help.”

“Don’t go,” he heard; turning, he found Sam standing in the doorway with the blanket wrapped around her.

“No… really, I should leave you two to talk…” Sam stopped him from finishing with an upheld finger.

“Who was it that just told me talking about the bad things helped you get over them? I think you need to help tell the story too; I don’t know what Jack and Teal’c had to deal with, but you were there for much of what I had to suffer. It’s only fair we tell the story to Janet together,” she told him, walking over to place a hand on his shoulder.

Daniel looked into his friend’s eyes, red and glassy from the tears she shed, and glanced over at Janet, who nodded her agreement. He sighed. “Okay…I’ll stay.”

“Good,” Janet said as she passed Sam a steaming cup. She watched as Sam popped the pills in her mouth and swallowed them with a drink. Suddenly, a grumbling noise sounded; Sam and Daniel looked at each other and laughed.

The small doctor watched the two friends laughing, “Whose stomach was that?” she asked. The two both pointed at each other, then burst into laughter again.

“Well, before we do anything I think I need to feed you two or else those stomachs will only get louder. Sit and I’ll fix some soup,” she told them.

The two sat down at the island and watched as Janet fixed them some lunch. When she placed two large bowls of chicken soup before them along with some crackers, they dug in; she started to pick up their coffee mugs but hands reached out to stop her. “Can we have some more please?” Sam asked, giving her a pleading look. Janet raised an eyebrow at the look.

“Please, Janet…I’m still trying to get my caffeine level back to normal,” begged Daniel.

“Fine…but if I have to give you something to knock you out to sleep, I’m going to say I told you so,” she said, grinning at the two.

Soon they finished with the meal and moved back to the living room; Janet sat on the couch with Sam lying down with her head in the doctor’s lap. Daniel started to sit in the recliner but Sam cleared her throat and pointed to the other end of the couch. She moved her feet so he could sit down and then she placed them back across his legs. Daniel gave Janet a confused look, but she just shrugged.

Seeing the shrug, Sam sighed, “I need contact, you two; just bear with me, okay?”

“How far along did you get talking with Daniel before I woke up?” she asked, looking up at Janet.

“Who says we were talking about all of this?” Janet said, giving her a grin.

“I know you…there’s no other reason he would have come over,” she told Janet and then raised her head, looking to Daniel, “How far?”

“Just up to the point I fixed up your back and they made us start walking again,” he told her.

Taking a deep breath, Sam said, “Alright then…it’s my turn to talk…..”


They shuffled along single file; Sam would stumble every now and then when she tried to take a big step but Teal’c was always there to keep her from hitting the ground.

“Thanks, Teal’c,” she told him after the last stumble.

“As O’Neill would say, it is no problem, Major Carter; I do not wish to see you further injure yourself,” he replied in his matter of fact tone.

They began shuffling again as a guard neared them, but it didn’t matter; when he grew close enough he struck Teal’c across the back with the club he carried. The Jaffa ignored the blow and kept moving.

When the guard moved past them, Sam asked, “Are you alright?”

“I am fine, Major Carter; after experiencing blows from pain sticks one such as that is just an irritant,” he stated.

Sam laughed, “Was that a joke?”

“Just an observation,” he replied.

As they continued on, Sam tried to ignore the burning sensation coming from her back as the growing heat caused her to sweat, making the welts itch and sting.

Soon the twin suns were directly overhead and they heard a call sound out down the line for all to halt. Guards came by to let them drink from water skins and they took the opportunity to rest, sitting close together.

“How you holding up, Carter?” asked Jack.

“Hanging in there, Sir; the good thing is the pain in my back is making me forget about my empty stomach,” she told him, leaning against Teal’c.

“I think the group we’re a part of was just a hunting party,” Daniel said, standing up to peer into the distance, “I can see wagons up ahead and a lot more people.”

Jack stood to look also. “Hmm…might be why the probe didn’t find anything; they’re nomadic,” he said glancing at Daniel.

“Yes, Jack…for once you got it right; it just might be the reason the probe found no signs of habitation,” Daniel agreed.

“See…I do listen to your ramblings…occasionally,” grinned Jack.

“Something is headed this way…moving fast,” Daniel said, pointing at the approaching dust cloud. Teal’c stood and helped Sam up as well as they watched the cloud grow larger.

As the something grew closer, they saw it was a cart pulled by two deer-like creatures and perched in the seat next to the driver was Jarvis. Pulling back hard on the reins, the driver brought the animals to a skidding halt, kicking up a cloud of dust as they stopped along side the team members.

When the dust settled Jarvis gazed down at them from his seat, “Well…it looks like the scholar really does know healing arts; you’re still with us, pretty one.”

Sam gave him a defiant stare, standing taller with her head held high.

“Ahh…and she still has her spirit,” he said returning her stare.

Daniel took a chance and spoke up, “Master…where are we traveling to?”

Jarvis eyed him, “You are lucky I’m finding you useful, scholar; I allowed you to get away with speaking out of turn the first time; this time you pay,” he said motioning to a nearby guard who walked up behind Daniel striking him across the shoulders with his club. The blow knocked the archeologist to his knees where he stayed, keeping his head bowed.

“As to where we travel; you will find that out when we get there,” he snarled and nodded to his driver, who whipped the animals into moving.

“Well, that was smooth, Daniel,” quipped Jack as he helped the fallen man to stand.

“No…I did it to test a theory,” said Daniel, grimacing as he rolled his shoulders.

Sam shuffled to stand behind him, pulling his jacket back she saw a large bruise already forming across his shoulders. “That was stupid, Daniel; a couple of inches higher or lower and he could have broken your neck or back with that blow,” she admonished him.

“Well, it just proves we need to be careful; no speaking out of turn, unless spoken to first,” he told her.

A loud call sounded and the guards urged them to begin moving again. The caravan traveled on at a brisk pace and the team had to jog to keep up. Sam gritted her teeth, concentrating on her every step…left…right…left…right, each one jarring her already screaming back.

Trying to get her mind off the pain, she began singing a cadence, “There she was just a walking down the street…singing do wah diddi didi dum diddi do…. snapping her fingers and a shufflin’ her feet…”

Daniel turned his head when he heard the singing and smiled at Sam, picking up the song, too. Soon Jack joined along and all three sang the song in low voices, jogging in time to the rhythm Sam set. As the suns begin to sink in the sky, the caravan slowed down and then halted. The team stopped, bent over they tried regaining their breaths from the steady pace.

“Good idea with the song, Carter...remind me to buy you a copy of Stripes when we get back,” Jack remarked in between deep breaths.

Sam looked up from her bent over position grinning. “Already own it, Sir.”

Daniel stood up, trying to see ahead. ”Umm guys, I think we’ve reached our destination,” he said, pointing towards the huge mountain they could now see since the dust from the wagons began to dissipate.

They watched as the wagons began moving again, this time more slowly and their guards prodded them forward. Before it grew dark, they reached the mountain were they saw the trail of wagons disappearing into a large opening in the rock.

“Well…scratch the nomadic idea,” muttered Jack as they too entered the opening.

The opening turned out to be the entrance to a tunnel, lined with torches, their guttering flames casting distorted shadows along the rock walls. Daniel ventured close to the wall and ran a hand over it. “This wasn’t carved by hand, it’s to smooth.”

“Maybe they just like playing barbarian,” quipped Jack.

“No talking…move!” one of the guards growled out.

After some time, they exited out into a large cavern, the wagons moved off to a side tunnel, while they followed another. They slowed until they were walking in a group.

“Carter,” said Jack in a low voice, “how long was that tunnel?”

“Little over half a mile, Sir; it’s as close as I could get not being able to take a full stride, “she replied back.

“Alright…here’s the plan; If we get separated, everybody take any chance they can to escape, don’t worry about anybody else. Just get out and back to the gate if you can. That’s an order…understood?” Jack told them.

“Jack…” began Daniel but quieted when the older man glared at him, “An order Daniel…got it?”

Sam answered for him, “Yes, Sir.”

Soon they exited the tunnel, coming to a stop on a ledge overlooking another cavern; this one was filled with many people, going about everyday business. There were buildings carved out of the rock and streets criss-crossed the huge expanse.

“Well…now we know for sure why the probe never found them,” Daniel said, in awe at the view before him.

“Come on, Daniel, keep moving; I don’t think this is good place for them to begin shoving us,” Sam said as she pulled him away from the edge of the ledge.

Upon reaching the end of the long stone ramp way, they stopped and Kern appeared from a group of guards. He approached them with that ever-present sneer on his face. Grabbing Daniel by the jacket collar he told one of the guards, “This one goes to the kitchen.”

He looked at Jack and then spat at the ground in front of Teal’c, “The older one and the Jaffa go to the mines.”

Finally coming to a stop in front of Sam, he reached out and grasped her chin in his hand tightly. “This one…the pretty one,” he voice grew sickly sweet when he said that, “she goes to the master’s chambers.”

All three of her teammates cried out, trying to get free as a guard dragged Sam away from them; all it accomplished was them being clubbed down until they lay on the ground gasping for breath.

Sam watched as her teammates fell to the ground; she struggled against the hold of the guard until he hit her in the back, which sent her to her knees. The last thing she saw was the anguished look on Daniel’s face before she passed out from the pain.


Sam grew silent, ending her tale there; looking up at Janet, she whispered, “I need to stop now…please.”

Janet ran her hand along Sam’s cheek. “It’s okay…you can stop,” she told her. Leaning down, she placed a soft kiss on her lover’s forehead. “Just close your eyes and rest, sweetie; I’m not moving.”

The blonde smiled up at her. “Okay…sleep sounds good…I think you tricked me, that wasn’t valium was it?” she mumbled as whatever Janet gave her finally kicked in and her eyes grew heavy.

Waiting until Sam’s breathing slowed and Janet glanced towards Daniel. “What happened to her, Daniel?” her voice shook as the worst thoughts flashed through her mind.

Daniel took his glasses off, pinching the bridge of his nose; he sighed, “I’m not sure, Janet; she’s going to have to tell you that, but I do know she wasn’t assaulted, she told me that much. It was two days before I saw her again and she wasn’t in good shape.”

Stroking the head in her lap the doctor whispered, “Oh, sweetie…what really happened to you?”


Daniel watched as Janet stroked Sam’s face, softly murmuring reassurances to her sleeping lover. He truly wished he could tell the doctor what happened to Sam after she left them, but he could not; that was something his friend would have to do.

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly.

Janet looked up at the soft comment, seeing the pained look on Daniel’s face she replied, “Oh, Daniel…there’s nothing for you to be sorry for; from what she said there was nothing you could do to stop them from separating the four of you.”

“It’s just…” he began, but she stopped him with a raised hand.

“No more apologizing for something you had no control over, Daniel. Now... tell me more of your story; both you and she were right, talking about what occurred will be good for you,” the doctor said to him.

“There really isn’t much to tell, Janet,” he sighed.

“Daniel, stop stalling and start talking, neither of us is going anywhere soon,” she said, gesturing at Sam’s long form, which had them both pinned to the couch, “unless you want to risk moving and wake her up.”

He glanced down at the feet in his lap, he could move if he wanted, but he knew Sam needed to sleep. Taking a deep breath, he began to tell Janet his tale.


He watched as Sam collapsed from the blow to her back. The two guards escorting her picked his friend up by the arms and carried her away from them.
He cried out, “Sam!” Nevertheless, she did not answer his call, only more blows from a club and several well-placed kicks did.

“Enough!” yelled Kern. “They need to be able to work!”

The beating stopped and the three remaining team members lay on the ground until pulled up by several of the guards. Daniel saw that Jack bled from a large cut over his eye and Teal’c favored his ribs; he too was suffering from the blows as he used the sleeve of his jacket to wipe the blood from a cut on his cheek.

Kern eyed the three men. “I suggest you not try anything like that again or else next time I will let them continue until you can’t move,” he said coldly and then motioned to the guards to take them away.

Daniel watched as Jack and Teal’c were led away, disappearing into a tunnel off to the left of the ramp way. A prod to the back made him stumble forward as the two men began pushing him towards a tunnel further away from the ramp. One man moved to walk before him while the other followed behind as they entered the passageway. The first few feet were shrouded in darkness but soon changed as small lamps appeared along the walls, their flickering light illuminating the wide corridor.

As they traveled along the passageway, Daniel noticed open doorways spaced at odd intervals; passing these doors, he caught the barest glimpse of the rooms behind them, but the man behind prodded him forward whenever he tried to linger. Several twists and turns later they walked down a stairway; his empty stomach rumbled loudly as his nose caught the odors of cooking food. Exiting the stairwell they entered into an open space filled with many long tables and a huge fireplace.

The guards led him past these and through a doorway into the large kitchen area where several women and small boys were busy preparing food. There were two large fireplaces and an oven along one wall, while hanging from racks along the ceiling were all sorts of cooking utensils. A tiny elderly woman saw the men enter and walked to meet them.

“Here now…what’s this?” she asked, nearing them.

“The master sends you more help, Meg,” replied one of the guards.

The woman eyed Daniel; she walked around, poking him, “Show me yer hands,” she said to him.

He held out his chained arms, turning his hands palm up; she grasped a hold of them and felt. “Never worked a hard day in his life, this one,” she said, eyeing one of the guards.

“Claims to be a scholar, Meg,” the man told her.

Meg stood in front of Daniel, her head barely reaching his chin; she looked up at him, “Well are ya?”

Daniel just nodded; “What’s a matter boy, can’t ya speak?”

He glanced at the two guards and Meg laughed. “Don’t worry boy…yer in my kitchen now, they can’t hurt ya,” she told him.

“Yes, I can speak, and I am a scholar of sorts,” he replied.

“Good then…” she pointed at his manacle bound wrists, “Take those off, he’s of no use ta me with his hands chained,” she told one of the guards.

The man unlocked the manacles from Daniel’s wrists, removing them but leaving the ones on his ankles. Saying their farewells to Meg, they left him in her care.

“Follow me, boy,” she said, motioning to him.

Daniel shuffled behind her as she led him over to a small table along one wall and sat when she told him; leaving him alone for a moment, she soon returned carrying a bowl and a loaf of bread.

“I ’m guessing yer hungry; the master never feeds tha new ones,” she placed the food on the table before him, “well, eat up…no one goes hungry in my kitchen.”

He tasted the paste like substance in the bowl and then began spooning it into his mouth, eating hungrily; pausing only long enough to break off a piece of the bread and eat that as well.

“Slow down, boy; make yerself sick ya will eating that fast,” she told him, thumping him on the back when he almost choked on a bite of bread.

She placed a cup beside his hand and he drank down the water it held. “My name is Daniel,” he told her after swallowing the drink.

“A fine name it is, but ya won’t hear it spoken past these walls; slave’s names are not used nor are they allowed ta talk out of turn; but in my kitchen ya can speak,” she told him.

“But they called you by name,” he said in between bites of porridge.

“I earned my freedom a long time ago, Daniel; you might one day, too,” remarked Meg as she called out directions to one of the young boys turning a carcass on a spit. “Now eat yer food and then I’ll show ya what yer tasks will be.”

Daniel ate slowly now as he watched Meg walk around the kitchen, showing her helpers what to do or complimenting them when they succeeded at one of her tasks. She seemed like a kind woman; he watched as she smacked one of the spit boys with a wooden spoon, kind but firm, he thought. Maybe she could help him find out where the other members of SG-1 were. Daniel watched for a few more moments and then continued eating his food.

Meg soon returned, carrying another bowl, a bundle of cloth and a small box; she placed them on the table in front of Daniel. “It gets mighty warm in here when all the fires are going, here is ya a shirt ta wear and some fresh water ta clean tha blood from yer face,” she told him. “Since ya claim ta be a scholar I’m guessing ya can read and write.” Daniel nodded. “Good then, ya can help me with tha tally for tha supply wagons; these old hands can hold a knife better than a quill these days.”

Daniel stood up, taking his jacket off; he pulled on the light homespun shirt; wetting a rag found on the table he took his glasses off and washed his face; once finished he then picked up the box, opening it he found several sheets of paper, a quill and a small container filled with ink he assumed. Wrapping the medical bag up in his jacket, he placed it on the high shelf above the table.

The small woman motioned for him to follow her once more and he shuffled after her, the chains on his ankles making clinking noises on the stone floor as he moved. They walked down a corridor, passing several doorways. She pointed out the storerooms for dried foods and a cold room for meat; the tiny woman stopped at one door, showing him the room where he would sleep, which contained several low cots.

“Ya will be sharing a room with tha young boys, I’ll not have ya tempting me girls,” she said to him with a grin and then began walking again.

Daniel smiled as he walked behind her; she was quite the character, this old woman, he thought. They soon reached an open cavern where Daniel discovered the caravan wagons they followed behind during the journey being unloaded. Meg walked over to a raised platform that held two stools and podium; she climbed up on a stool and motioned for Daniel to join her. He sat on the other stool with the small box resting on his lap.

“Now boy…let me see yer letters,” she asked.

Opening the box, he took out a sheet of the paper, and the quill. He set the bottle of ink on the podium, and dipping the quill in, he took a guess and wrote the English alphabet across the top of the sheet.

Meg glanced at the letters. “Will do, boy…will do. Now when I tell ya what ta write ya do it, keeping track of how many of what there are,” she explained.

For the next several hours, he kept a running tally of all the items unloaded from the wagons, each of which was shown to Meg first before being taken off to the storerooms. When all the wagons finished unloading, Meg asked for his lists; she looked over what he wrote, nodding her head.

“Well done, boy; now we return ta tha kitchen. ‘Tis time ta serve the evening meal,” she said, as he helped her from the platform and she patted him on the arm in thanks.

Once they reached the passage leading back to the kitchen, Daniel spoke, “Meg…could you help me find my friends?”

She paused, allowing him to move along side her; looking up at him, she spoke, “Now why would I want ta help ya do that?”

“Because you seem like a kind and caring person, and I think you could help if you wanted to,” he told her.

Meg gave him a small smile and began walking down the corridor again. “We’ll see…we’ll see,” she commented.

Daniel heard the sound of many raised voices as they neared the kitchen area; walking in, he discovered the room bustling with activity as many more people hurried around the room readying platters of food. Meg turned to him, taking the box out of his hands, she sent him to help the younger boys with the carving of one of the roasted carcasses hanging from a spit. He shuffled over to the fireplace where two boys were trying to transfer the roasted meat to a table. He grabbed a hold of one end and they moved to take the other, between the three of them, they wrangled the huge slab of meat to the table.

Picking up a large knife he began slicing pieces off the slab, transferring it to platters the boys laid on the table. The smell of the roasted meat made his stomach rumble again and he was tempted to take a bite; just as he was about to do, so one of the boys spoke up.

“Hey, you can’t do that,” he said.

“Yeah…we have ta wait til after tha main hall eats,” the other boy chimed in.

Daniel stopped his action, looking at the two he put the piece on a platter and went back to slicing, as he worked he glanced at the boys who were now helping him carve the meat. “My name is Daniel…what’s yours?”

The two looked at each other, and then one of them replied, “I’m Jared and he’s Korin.”

Daniel nodded. “Are you two slaves as well?” he asked.

“Of course…our parents were slaves, so are we; but one day we’ll be caravan guards,” Jared boasted.

“You can be a guard if ya want but I’m gon ta stay in the kitchens with Meg,” Korin said, giving his friend a playful shove.

He smiled at the two as they continued their work; soon they had many platters piled high with carved slices and the two boys picked up the now lighter carcass. Toting it between them, they carried it through another doorway. Daniel picked up a rag, wiped his hands off and then stood watching as Meg flittered about checking everyone’s progress. The boys ran back in to stand beside him as she neared their table; she walked up to check over the platters and then told the boys to show Daniel what to do.

Looking up at Daniel, she spoke, “Now just ya follow Jared and Korin, they will show ya what ta do; but remember no speaking in tha main hall unless spoken ta first; now off with ya,” she told him and turned to oversee the rest of the kitchen.

Jared quickly explained each table would get three platters as he helped Korin shoulder one of the platters. Daniel helped Jared with his platter and then picked up one of his own, holding it high as he followed the two boys to the main hall. They did this until all the platters now sat on the tables along with other trays of food that the other kitchen slaves carried out.

Waiting on the two to return from their last trip Daniel glanced around the quieting kitchen. He could not help but wonder what his friends were going through at this moment, especially Sam…he was sure they were not having as easy a time as he was. He hoped Meg could help him find out what had happened to them. Just then, Jared ran back into the room.

“Now we have to get the wine, follow me,” he said, pulling on Daniel’s arm.

Daniel followed him to another room where a man was filling pitchers from huge casks. A line of slaves waited and as a pitcher was filled, they took them, two at a time out of the room and back to the main hall.

“Each table gets eight pitchers,” Korin said, appearing at Daniel’s elbow, “and then ya stand off ta tha side ta wait for when they need new ones.”

Nodding, Daniel took two pitchers, shuffled back to the main hall and placed them on a table; this went on until all the tables were set. Then he joined Jared and Korin standing against the wall. The sound of a bell tolling signaled the dinner’s readiness and soon people began filing into the main hall.

Daniel recognized many of the men as guards from the caravan, but there were families as well who entered the room. Taking their places at the tables, they stood waiting. What they waited on was apparent when Jarvis entered through a doorway near the head table; when he took his seat, the rest of the waiting people did as well.

Soon the sounds of people talking and eating filled the main hall; Daniel along with the boys did not stand still for long as calls for more wine or foodstuffs began to ring out. On one such trip Daniel set a fresh pitcher of wine on a table, turning away, he found himself falling to land awkwardly on the floor. He rolled over to look up into the face of one of the guards who escorted the team to the mountain.

The man sneered at him and spat, “Clumsy slave.”

Daniel picked himself off the floor and keeping his head bowed, shuffled back to stand against the wall once more. Soon a loud call rang out, “Scholar…more wine!”

He looked towards the call; it came from Jarvis. Moving as fast as possible, he fetched another pitcher of wine and carried it towards the main table.

As he set the container before Jarvis, the man spoke, “Meg…has the scholar proved useful to you?”

Daniel glanced up just enough to see Meg sitting a few seats down from Jarvis. “Ay, Master Jarvis, these old hands an eyes thank ya; he was very useful with tha supply tally.”

“Good…good…the pretty one said you could entertain us as well; Do you know any stories to tell, scholar?” asked Jarvis as he took a bite out of a piece of meat.

Keeping his head bowed Daniel answered, “Yes, Master Jarvis, I know many tales; do you wish to hear one?”

“Speak on, scholar,” said Jarvis, waving his cup at Daniel.

The archeologist thought for a moment then began telling the adventures of Alexander the Great to the head table; as he neared the end of the story Daniel realized the sounds of talking in the main hall quieted as the other tables listened to the tale. When he finished, there was a moment of silence and then clapping began as they showed their approval of his story.

Jarvis joined in the applause, “Well done, scholar; I shall have to thank the pretty one for proving keeping you alive was a good idea. You may leave now,” he said, dismissing Daniel from the table.

Daniel shuffled back to stand by the boys as the main hall began emptying of diners. Waiting until all left, the boys then began gathering empty platters and pitchers. Daniel joined them, following Jared and Korin as they carried their burdens to a room where several women washed the dirty items in large wooden tubs. They kept at this until all the used utensils and platters were off the tables. Korin appeared with two buckets and they along with several others washed the tables down while another group of boys swept the floors. Daniel was amazed at the proficiency of the slaves as they completed the task rather quickly.

“Come, Daniel, we get ta eat now,” Korin said, tugging on his shirt.

They went back to the kitchen where platters of the same food they served were waiting. Jared gave him a plate and they joined the line of slaves waiting for food. His plate filled with some meat, bread and a few tuber-like vegetables, Daniel followed the boys over to the same table Meg sat him at earlier. In between bites of food, the two boys peppered him with questions.

“Do ya know more stories like that?” asked Korin.

“Can you teach us?” Jared asked through a mouth full of bread.

“Who’s tha pretty one?” this question came from Meg who walked up to stand beside the trio.

Daniel looked up at her, “She’s one of my friends I wanted you to help me find; when we were separated they took her to Jarvis’s quarters.”

The faces of Meg and the two boys grew grave; the three shook their heads at this comment.

“What’s wrong?” asked Daniel.

“Tis not a good thing they took her there; Jarvis used ta be a good man but he has changed. Many a girl has gone missing after visiting his rooms,” Meg replied shaking her head.

Daniel’s face blanched, the worst thoughts running through his head, “No…not Sam,” he said softly.

Meg placed a hand on his shoulder, “I’m sorry, Daniel, we can only wait ta see if she shows up; where did they take yer other friends?” she asked him softly.

His thoughts still reeling, Daniel mumbled, “To the mines.”

“Well, tis hard work in the mines but we may be able ta find them; these two here can check when they carry tha porridge in tha morning,” she said gesturing at the boys.

“Yes…just tell us what they look like and we’ll look while we hand out food,” Jared said quickly with Korin nodding also.

Daniel described Jack and Teal’c to the two boys, showing them his jacket and the patches on it “They should be wearing clothes like mine and Jack wasn’t wearing a shirt the last time I saw him,” he told them.

Med picked up the med kit and opened the bag, “What is this?” she asked.

He explained what occurred on the journey and that Jarvis let him keep the medicines, “There are more with our other equipment but he kept those.”

“Ahh…so ya know healing arts as well,” Meg remarked.

Daniel smiled. “Just enough to get by; I have a friend who is a healer, and she taught me a few things,” he said to Meg.

“Good…good, ya may need tha skills if yer friend turns up,” said Meg.

Daniel swallowed and nodded his head to the tiny woman, “I hope not.”

“Well then, tis getting late; ya finish yer meal and these two scamps will show ya where ya can wash up and then back ta tha sleeping room,” she said as she ruffled the two boy’s hair, giving them a grin, “morning comes before ya know it.”

The three finished with their meals and Jared carried the empty plates off to the washroom. When he returned, the pair led Daniel to a room past the sleeping quarters that contained several large wooden tubs filled with steaming water. Both Jared and Korin stripped their clothing off and quickly jumped in a tub, washing away the dirt and grime from the day. Daniel removed his shirt, but left the rest of his clothing on and washed his upper body clean with a rough bar of soap one of the boys threw at him. Korin hopped out of the tub and went to a cabinet against the wall, he returned with thin towels; giving one each to Daniel and Jared. The boys dried off and then wrapped the towels around their waists, picking up their dirty clothing Jared motioned for Daniel to follow.

Walking back to the sleeping quarters, they led Daniel to a cot in the corner. Jared pulled a chest from under the cot next to Daniel’s and gave him a blanket; he also pulled out fresh clothing for him and Korin.

Pulling a clean shirt over his head, Jared spoke, “You can use my blanket tonight, I’ll share with Korin; tomorrow we’ll get you one along with some clothes and a chest to keep them in.”

“Thank you,” Daniel told him, “You seem to have a nice life for a slave.”

“Oh…it’s because we work in tha kitchen with Meg; she knows if ya are happy ya work harder,” Korin replied, pulling on his new shirt, “she rules in tha lower levels, even Master Jarvis listens ta her.”

“Most of the time,” chimed in Jared as he climbed into his cot; Korin lay next to him and spread a blanket over them both.

Daniel watched as the two boys fought for space and then settled down; their breaths slowly evening out as sleep overtook them. He sighed and sat on his cot; removing his boots, he lay down covering himself with the borrowed blanket. His last thoughts before succumbing to sleep were of his friends, hoping they were all right.

A rough shaking woke Daniel from his sleep. “Daniel…Daniel…time ta wake, we have ta prepare tha morning meal,” Korin said as he shook Daniel once more.

Daniel rubbed the sleep from his eyes and sat up, stretching his arms over his head he let them fall back to his side.

“Come on, Daniel,” Jared said, tossing Daniel his shirt.

He pulled the shirt over his head, pushing the manacles up he put his boots back on and shuffled after the two boys. The kitchen was bustling with activity as the morning meal readied. Meg set him and the boys to work pulling loaves of bread from the oven and stacking them in baskets; he saw several slaves stirring large cauldrons hanging over the low fires. Jared and Korin disappeared for a few moments only to appear again carrying a smaller cauldron slung on a pole between them; they carried it to the larger one where the slaves doing the stirring filled it with a porridge mixture. Walking back to Daniel with their load, they each picked up a basket and using a piece of rope, looped through the handles slung a basket of bread over their shoulders.

“We go to the mines now, Daniel; I’ll keep an eye out for your friends,” Jared told him and then the two boys walked away with their heavy load.

Daniel continued stacking bread until Meg walked up and pulled him away to sit at what he now thought of his table. She placed a bowl of the porridge in front of him. “Eat…ya need yer strength; I have much for ya ta do today.”

The tiny woman spoke the truth as Daniel’s day was filled with many grueling tasks; from cleaning out the old coals and ashes in the fireplaces and oven to hauling foodstuffs from the storage rooms; he paused only long enough to eat when Jared brought him some food. Time passed quickly and before he realized, it was time for the evening meal. Meg set him to the same chore from the night before and he and the boys readied the meat for the meal.

During the serving of the meal, he experienced several more instances of tripping by the guards as well as a few well-aimed kicks while he lay on the ground. As with the night before, Jarvis called on him to tell another story and Daniel chose the tale of Gilgamesh. When he finished with it, the diners applauded his telling.

Returning to the kitchen after cleaning the main hall, he and the boys sat at the table eating their evening meal, where he learned Jared was unable to locate his friends in the mine, but he assured Daniel they would look again in the morning; as he finished his food, Meg walked up to stand next to them.

“Ya need ta come with me, Daniel,” she said softly, her voice carried a worried tone.

Daniel nodded, a confused look on his face as he stood to follow her. She led him out of the kitchen, past his sleeping quarters to another room further down the corridor. Following Meg into the room Daniel saw a huddled form lying on a cot.

“Is this yer friend, Daniel?” asked Meg her voice barely a whisper.

Daniel moved forward until he could see the form better, “Oh God…Sam.”

His friend lay curled in a ball; she wore no clothing and was covered in blood. Daniel rushed to kneel next to her, he felt for a pulse and finding one, sighed in relief; she was alive. Alive but burning up, he realized as he brushed her matted hair away from her forehead. The blood covering her seemed to have come from dozens of small cuts covering her arms and upper body.

He turned to look at Meg, “How?”

“I know not, Daniel; two guards brought her here before tha evening meal. Just be thankful she lives,” Meg said quietly, “I’ll send tha boys with fresh water and yer healing bag; take care of yer friend.” With this said, she turned to walk away from the pair.

Daniel sat down on the floor next to Sam; grasping one of her hands, he squeezed it and smiled widely when his squeeze was returned. He looked up to see her eyes open and leaned closer as she spoke in a raspy voice, “Hey, Daniel…I messed up really good this time…think you can fix me again?” she gave him a small grin and then passed out.


Daniel gripped her hand tighter. “Sam…Sam…come on, stay with me.”

A moan and a mumbled word was his only answer as his friend shivered, her body wracked by a chill from the fever he felt. He looked around, spotting a blanket on a nearby cot; stretching his body without letting go of her hand, he grabbed the material, brought it over and laid it across her body.

He was unsure of the amount of damage, knowing would have to wait until the boys came with water to clean the blood from her body. What worried him the most was the heat he could feel radiating from her. Hearing the sound of running feet, Daniel turned to see both Jared and Korin enter the room; each carried a bucket of steaming water and several towels thrown over their shoulders. As they neared him, he saw that Jared carried the med kit slung over one arm.

“Here are tha supplies ya need, Daniel,” Korin said, his breathing heavy from their run.

“Meg said for us to help you if we could,” said Jared, sitting his bucket down and handing Daniel the med kit.

Daniel thought for a few moments then looked at the two, “Can you fill one of the bathing tubs with warm water?”

“Ay, we can do that; come, Korin,” Jared assured Daniel and the two ran off again.

While Daniel waited for them to complete the task, he dipped a towel in one of the buckets. Wringing it out, he began cleaning Sam’s face. It would take him too long to wash away the blood with just a towel; besides, he needed to get her temperature down. Immersing her in the warm tub would work for both. He lifted the blanket; from what he could see, the cuts looked superficial but he would not know for sure until she was clean. Why was she burning up?

“Daniel, you idiot; check her back,” he muttered to himself.

Letting go of her hand, he walked around to the other side of the cot and carefully rolled her onto her side; the welts on her back were raised and inflamed, with the deeper ones looking the worst. He pressed a finger along one of the gashes and pus oozed from it along with another moan from her.

“Shhh….I’m sorry, Sam,” he said softly and then muttered, “Damn it.”

He thought he had done a good job of cleaning them, but it looked like now he had not. Sam’s back was definitely infected and there were not enough antibiotics left in the kit to treat it.

“Maybe Meg has something I can use,” he mused aloud as he let her roll back to lay prone.

Jared ran back into the room, “The tub is ready Daniel.”

“Thanks, Jared; where’s Korin?” asked Daniel as he carefully picked up Sam, cradling her in his arms.

“He’s waiting in the bathing room,” the boy said as he picked up the towels and med kit.

Daniel nodded and began walking slowly towards the doorway, making sure the manacles did not trip him. He couldn’t help but notice how light Sam felt in his arms; he counted the days in his head as he walked down the hall; it had been almost a week since they were captured and he was sure her lack of food probably helped to make the infection spread faster.

Jared ducked around him and stood by the door to the bathing room. When Daniel entered, he followed close behind and set the towels and kit down next to the tub. Daniel slowly lowered Sam into the water; when partially immersed, she woke up and began struggling against him.

“Hey, easy, Sam…it’s me, Daniel…I’ve got you now, it’s okay,” he said in a calming tone.

She stopped thrashing and calmed down as he set her completely in the water; opening her eyes she looked up at him and gave a small smile.

“This is becoming a habit,” she mumbled.

“What…me taking care of you?” Daniel asked picking up a towel and dipping it into the water.

“No…you seeing me with no clothes on,” she half-grinned and then began shivering. “Why’d you put me in cold water?” she mumbled as her teeth began chattering.

“It just feels cold to you right now, Sam; you have a fever,” he told her, “as for the no clothes thing…I won’t tell Janet if you won’t.”

“Deal,” she mumbled, her eyes closing again.

“Hey now…stay awake; I need you to tell me where else you’re hurt,” he said to her raising an arm and washing the blood away.

“Wanna sleep,” she mumbled.

“Samantha Carter, wake up!” he said louder, “Don’t make me have to tell Janet you wouldn’t cooperate.”

Her eyes opened wide and she gave him a funny look but perked up, “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh, just watch me...now, where else are you injured?” he asked giving her a grin.

Sam moved around slowly in the tub. “I think my ribs are cracked, left side,” she said taking a deep breath, “Oh yeah…cracked…ouch.”

Daniel nodded as he ran the cloth over her upper body, “Anything else? You weren’t…”

“No, Daniel…I wasn’t raped,” she sighed. “Luckily Jarvis doesn’t get his kicks that way.” She began shivering again. “Can you warm up the water some?”

“Boys, can you get some hot water?” he asked, looking at the two boys who were standing quietly off to the side.

“Ay, Daniel; come on, Korin,” answered Jared and the two disappeared out the door.

“Who was that and where am I?” asked Sam as Daniel continued washing away the blood. Realizing she didn’t want to say anything else about her injuries, he let the change in subject slide.

“Ahh…those are the scamps, as Meg refers to them; Jared and Korin. I’m sure you’ll meet Meg soon; as to where you are, well, we’re in the lower levels of Jarvis’s manor, castle, home…I’m not sure what it’s called yet. Haven’t had much time to ask questions,” he remarked.

That remark earned him a laugh from his friend. “You…not having the time to ask questions…amazing.”

Daniel joined in the laughter. “Yeah, you’re right; it’s amazing.” Considering what he was about to do, Daniel thought a good laugh was in order.

“Okay, Sam…can you lean forward? I need to clean your back,” he said softly.

She went to lean forward but stopped, “Nope…makes my ribs hurt. Let me lean over the side; will that work?”

“Whatever is the most comfortable for you; I’m afraid this is going to hurt,” he told her in a serious tone.

Sam laid her arms over the side of the wooden tub; twisting her lower body around until she could rest easily against the tub wall. “How bad is it?”

“On a scale of one to ten…I’d say a ten,” he commented, “Okay…ready?”

“Just do it,” she said, bracing herself for the pain.

Daniel ran the wet towel over her back gently at first and then pressed down harder. He heard her hiss and then start mumbling, “I will not pass out…I will not pass out,” followed by a few choice swear words.

Trying to hurry, he pressed around the cuts in her back until all the pus drained out and the wounds ran clean blood. “I think that will do for now,” he said.

“Thank God… can I lean back now?” she asked, her voice cracking.

“No…after that we need clean water,” he told her. She groaned but kept her position.

Just then, Jared and Korin entered carrying a large cauldron slung on a pole between them; several other boys toting buckets and Meg, who carried a tray with a small pitcher and several bowls, followed them. She set the tray on a bench and then ordered the boys to fill the other tub; once they finished she waved them out of the room.

Jared and Korin protested loudly. “We want to help,” they both whined at the same time.

“Off ta bed with ya; we don’t need yer help for tha next part,” she scolded them.

Grumbling, the two boys ducked their heads but left the room. Meg turned back to Daniel. “Now…help yer friend inta tha clean tub, boy,” she said, giving Daniel a hard stare.

Sam could not help but giggle as Daniel helped her to stand and step from the tub. “Boy?”

Helping her into the clean water, he looked at her and grinned. “Just you wait until she hits you with a wooden spoon and calls you girl.”

Sam hissed as the hot water hit her raw back but sank into the tub up to her neck, “Oh that stings…but feels so good.”

Daniel laid a hand on her forehead; she was still a bit too warm to the touch. Walking over to the other tub, he picked up the med kit and rooted around until he found the rest of the pills; there weren’t many left but maybe it would be enough to at least knock her temperature down some more.

“Meg, did you bring water?” he asked the tiny woman.

“Ay…and some broth; what do ya take me for, a simpleton?” she replied rather sarcastically.

“Ah…sorry,” he replied, taking the cup she held.

“Here, Sam…take these; I hope they work because it’s all I have left from the kit,” he said, handing her the pills and the cup.

Sam took the pills and swallowed them with a long drink, emptying the cup. “More, please,” she said, handing it back to Daniel.

“Here now…ya drink this; it will fix two things at once, ya thirst and ya hunger,” Meg said as she walked over to give Sam one of the bowls.

“Thank you,” Sam replied as she took the bowl from the old woman’s hands. “You’re Meg…my name is Sam,” she said after taking a sip from the bowl.

“Ay…so I gathered after hearing tha boy call ya that; these old ears still work fine,” replied Meg, giving Sam a smile with her answer.

The archeologist tried to hide the grin on his face, but Meg caught him, “Stop ya grinning; I can go find a spoon.”

Daniel quickly wiped the grin from his face and replaced it with a smile directed at the tiny woman. He started to walk back around to the bench by the tub but tripped over the chains around his ankles. “Damn it!” he swore, catching himself before he fully hit the ground.

He rose up to meet Sam’s grinning face. “Been walking long?”

“I’m blaming that comment on the fever,” he remarked as he sat on the bench. “You’d think after three days I’d be used to them by now.”

Sam gave him a confused look. “Three days?”

“Yes, Sam…three days; I’ve been down here in the kitchen since they separated us. You were gone for two days,” he said to her, his voice filled with the worry he felt those two long days of not knowing what happened to her.

“Jack and Teal’c?” she asked, almost whispering.

“They were sent to the mines; the boys have looked for them every morning but so far they haven’t seen them,” he told her.

“Here now…no need ta worry; they will find them; Daniel unlock yer chains,” Meg said as she tossed him a key.

He looked at the key then Meg,”But…how?”

“Tis left up ta me as ta when tha chains come off, and I don’t think ya will be going anywhere soon now that ya have found one of yer friends.” She turned to Sam. “Especially since she is hurt,” she said, giving Sam a smile and refilling her bowl with more broth.

Daniel unlocked the cuffs and removed them from his ankles; standing up, he took a few wide steps across the room to stretch his legs. “Ah…better; thank you Meg,” he said, nodding his head to the tiny old woman.

Sam finished her broth and cleared her throat. “Umm…can I get out now? I’m starting to feel a bit wrinkled, not to mention sleepy.”

Meg looked at Daniel. “Well, boy…help yer friend up.”

“Oh…yeah…sorry, Sam,” he said, picking up one of the thin towels the boys left; he helped Sam to stand, holding onto her waist as she stepped over the tub edge and then draped the towel around her. He began patting her skin dry with another towel Meg passed to him.

In the light cast by the lamps, Daniel could see the full extent of the cuts; they covered her arms, legs and upper body, none of them very deep or long. It looked as if someone used her body to test the edge of a blade for sharpness.

Sam’s head began to nod. “Daniel, I need to lie down or I’m going to fall.”

“Daniel…hold onta her while I put something on tha cuts,” said Meg as she picked up one of the bowls she brought.

“What is that?” he asked, standing behind Sam and bracing her body against his, the thin towel keeping the cuts on her back from touching his chest.

“Just some salve my granddame taught me ta make; good for all sorts of hurts, heals em up right nice,” the tiny woman replied while daubing the cuts on the front of Sam’s body, “we’ll wait ta do tha back once she lies down.”

“Daniel,” mumbled Sam, her speech sounding slurred, “she’s sneaky like Janet; I think she put something in my…”

He had just a second to react, catching her under the arms as she slumped down, her knees giving way.

“Sam…Sam?” he patted her cheek but there was no response.

“She’ll not answer ya boy; I gave her something for tha pain and tha fever; it makes ya sleep,” Meg told the worried man.

“Well, you could have told us,” he said, carefully picking up the unconscious woman.

“Ay, I could have; but would she have drunk it?” questioned Meg.

“No…probably not; she’s stubborn that way,” Daniel said as he followed Meg out the door with his friend cradled in his arms again.

He followed the old woman back to the chamber where he discovered Sam and laid her down gently on one of the empty cots. Meg helped him to turn Sam over so she lay on her stomach, head resting on her arms. He stood up, stretching his back, which was when he noticed the blanketed forms lying on a cot close to the door. While Meg finished applying the salve to Sam’s back and her legs, he walked softly over to the cot. Two tousled heads peeked out from under the top of the blanket; it seemed Jared and Korin had decided to stay close to them after all. He tucked the blanket up round them and returned to sit on the cot next to Sam’s, watching as Meg finished smearing the salve onto her back.

“We have company,” he said softly.

“Ay…I figured they would do that; tha little scamps,” Meg replied in a low voice, “they also brought ya a bucket and clean clothes ta put on.” She nodded towards the corner.

Daniel looked in that direction and sure enough, there was a bucket and a bundle of clothing. He smiled at the tiny woman. “They’re good boys, Meg.”

“Ay, that they are,” she said nodding. “Now, Daniel, she should sleep til morning and we’ll put more salve on when she wakes,” she said, laying a thin piece of cloth over Sam’s back and then covering her with a blanket. “If she should wake in tha night, rouse one of tha boys ta come get me if ya need.”

“Thank you so much for your help, Meg; I wish we could have met differently,” Daniel said, rising from the cot and walking around to engulf the old woman in a hug.

“Ay…yer a good boy, Daniel; but ya can never question the reason for meeting tha people you do or tha time ya meet them. Things will work out for tha best in tha end,” she said softly, patting him on the shoulder. “Now ya get some rest; I still need yer help in tha morning with tha bread.”

Daniel chuckled softly. “Yes, m’am.”

Meg left the room and he walked over to the bucket. Stripping off his wet clothing, he held the shirt in his hands and looked at the traces of Sam’s blood. Glancing up at her sleeping form, he could only hope this was the end of her ordeal but somehow he thought there was more to come. Shaking his head to clear the thoughts he quickly washed off and drying with a towel the boys left, he pulled on the clothing. Then he padded over to lie down on the cot next to Sam‘s. He drifted off to sleep wondering if she would ever talk about what happened during the two days she was gone.
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Not a fandom I'd really looked at before, but you write very, very well. Thank you :)
aww..thanks..there will be more tomorrow
I'm not normally one for Sam-whumping, but this certainly has me intrigued...

Will add this to the next update as well...
hmm..intrigued is good..I normally don't write whump but when I got the idea for this one it just kept growing and growing until this is what happened...more to come
Sometimes the best ideas can come that way...
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