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elfcat255 in passion_perfect

Coming Home --part 3

Title: Coming Home-Part 3
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Sam/Janet (but the guys are in it too)
Warnings or Spoilers: at times this will get rather dark, with big doses of hurt, there will be sex and bad language but no spoilers for the show
Archiving - yes, as always...(email is elfcat255@aol.com)
Summary - We find out what happened to Sam during the time she was missing
Rating: R/NC-17--this section contains hard violence towards a certain blonde Major, there is also sex...you have been warned
Disclaimer: I don't own them I just borrowed them to play in my world.
AN: thanks to my beta...sams_ceara

The afternoon crept up on them while Daniel told his story; the shadows were growing longer across the living room when he finally finished. He stopped speaking and sat silently watching Janet’s reaction to the tale. She continued to run her fingers through Sam’s hair; her way of trying to sooth away some of the demons her lover faced he supposed.

She looked up at him, tears glistening in the corners of her eyes. “I wish I could have met Meg and the boys. I owe them my thanks for taking care of Sam and you,” the doctor spoke softly.

“I think you’d like them, Janet, especially Meg,” Daniel replied to her comment with a slight smile.

“Why do I have this feeling that things became worse for the two of you,” she said, her voice still low.

Her friend sighed. “It was worse for Sam than me at times, but we had each other and our new friends to help us; I tried to get Jack to tell me what he and Teal’c went through but he was close-lipped about it.”

“I’m sure Jack will talk when he’s ready, Daniel; he can be just as stubborn as Sam at times.” Janet saw the raised eyebrow Daniel threw her way. “Okay…so Jack’s stubborn all the time but he’ll talk one day,” she said, trying to assure him.

“Yeah…I know.” He sighed again. “Umm…do you think I could risk moving now? All that coffee has caught up with me,” he said, giving her a half-smile.

“Go ahead…just move slowly,” Janet told him.

Daniel lifted the feet in his lap and slid out from under them; he gently placed Sam’s feet on the couch and then walked softly out of the living room. Janet gazed down at the head in her lap and propped her elbow on the arm of the couch, resting her chin in her hand as she closed her eyes; a hand stroked her face, wiping away an escaping tear.

“How long have you been awake?” she asked, opening her eyes.

“About halfway through Daniel’s story,” whispered Sam.

The doctor leaned down to place a kiss on her lover’s forehead but Sam pulled the doctor’s head further down to meet her lips; it was a slow, gentle kiss, one that Janet could feel Sam putting all her love into. Janet snaked an arm around Sam’s waist, hugging her tightly and pulled her up until Sam‘s upper body lay cradled in her arms. She broke the kiss and rested her forehead against Sam’s, their eyes millimeters apart.

“You don’t have to tell me what happened,” she whispered, pulling back to gaze into Sam’s eyes.

“But I need to,” Sam whispered back. Sitting up, she turned around to face Janet, taking the doctor’s hand in her own; she ran her thumb over the silver band around Janet’s finger.

“Do you remember one of the promises I made when I gave you this?” she asked softly.

Janet brought her free hand up to cup her lover’s face. “Sweetie, I remember all the promises you made that day.”

“The three most important ones to me, though, were that I’d always love you no matter what, that I’d always come home to you and that I’d keep no secrets from you,” Sam said, her thumb still caressing the band. “If I don’t tell you what happened on that planet then it’s like I’m breaking one of my promises; because if I let it, this could eat away at me until I break. Daniel was right; to get passed some things you need to talk about them,” she said, looking into Janet’s eyes.

The sound of a throat clearing broke their gaze; both turned heads to see Daniel standing in the hallway.

“I’m going to leave now and let you two have some alone time,” he told them.

They began to protest but he stopped them. “No…I’m leaving; I think I’ll go back to the base and check on Jack, see if he’s ready to talk yet,” he said, giving Janet a smile.

Sam rose from the couch and walked around to give him a tight hug; she kissed his cheek and pulled back to look into his face. “Are you going to be alright?” she asked softly.

“I’ll be fine; will you?” he asked in return.

“Yeah…I think I will be…now,” she hugged him again and whispered, “thank you,” in his ear.

He returned the hug. “Any time, Sam.”

Before he could break the hug, Janet appeared and added to it. “You didn’t think I was going to let you leave without saying thank you, too, did you?”

Daniel laughed. “No…group hug!”

They all laughed but gripped each other tighter, finally breaking the hug to let Daniel put on his coat. The pair escorted him to the door and as he was walking out Janet spoke up, “If you need anything…call us, okay?”

“I will…bye,” he said, waving to them as he walked down the steps and out to his car.

The two women watched as his car pulled out of the driveway and down the street. Janet shut the door and they turned as one, Sam’s arm wrapped around her waist, to walk back into the living room.

“What do you feel like doing now?” asked Janet.

“I am a little hungry, and I want to take a hot bath,” Sam told her, grinning at the last part.

“Uh-huh…why do I get the feeling it wouldn’t be much of a bath?” she said, looking up and seeing her lover’s grin.

“Hmmm…I don’t know,” Sam remarked, snaking her free arm around the doctor’s waist and turning her until they faced. “I can bathe myself; it’s just more fun when you’re there, too.”

Janet sighed as Sam began nuzzling her neck. “Sam…you’re doing it again.”

Sam pulled back. “Doing what?”

“Avoiding talking by trying to distract me,” remarked Janet.

Taking a deep breath Sam let it out slowly and answered, “You’re right; it was me who said I wouldn’t keep secrets from you.”

Janet nodded. “Why don’t you go take that bath while I fix something for us to eat and then you can tell me what happened.”

“Alright…do I have a time limit?” she asked.

“Is half an hour alright with you?” Janet asked in return, an idea forming in her head.

“Okay,” replied Sam, kissing Janet’s forehead before letting her loose, “be back down in half an hour.”

Janet watched her lover walk up the stairs and then walked into the kitchen, her mind a whirlwind of thoughts as she searched for just the right things to fix. Finding all she needed, the doctor quickly threw together several items that would be satisfying but not sit too heavily in Sam’s stomach. Placing the plates in the fridge, she went back to the living room to set up her idea.

She pushed the coffee table out of the way and pulled all the cushions off the couch and loveseat, laying them out on the floor. Janet then went to the hall closet, taking out the big pillows they used for movie nights, a large comforter and several blankets. She carried her load back to the living room and spread the comforter over the cushions, stacked the pillows against the couch and laid the blankets off to the side.

Surveying her work, Janet nodded and then went to the back door, pulled it open and walked out onto the deck. Sitting down in one of the lounge chairs, the doctor tried to get her thoughts to calm down; she needed to be strong for Sam, not a nervous wreck.

Pulling her legs up close to her chest, the doctor wrapped her arms around them and let her chin rest on her knee as she thought hard. Why am I agonizing over this? The only things that should matter had already happened; Sam was alive…she was home…her love was safe. I just need to be there for her when she tells me the rest of what occurred during the ordeal…and yes…it was an ordeal, the scars and half healed injuries proved that to the doctor; Janet sighed, closing her eyes.

The doctor was so wrapped up in her own thoughts she did not hear the back door open or the footsteps that walked over to kneel down before her until she caught a familiar scent. Janet smiled, opening her eyes to meet the gaze of blue staring at her. “You’ve been in my bath salts again.”

Sam leaned forward, kissing Janet on the nose. “Busted,” she said when pulling back, a silly grin on her face; “Are we having a slumber party?”

“I just thought it would be more comfortable, being in the living room, open space and all; besides, we haven’t camped out on the floor in a while, I thought it would be nice,” Janet said as Sam stood, pulling her up also.

They walked hand in hand back into the house, going to the kitchen. Janet removed the plates from the fridge; Sam held up a bottle of wine, giving Janet a questioning look. The doctor shook her head. “No…not tonight,” she said.

Sam shrugged and put the bottle away, fixing them some iced tea instead. They carried the food and drinks back into the living room, stepping onto the cushioned floor; Janet set the plates on the couch and moved to pick up a book from the coffee table so Sam could set the drinks on it. Once everything was set up, they sat on the cushions and began their meal.

Not a word was spoken as they ate; they just sat enjoying each other’s company, occasionally feeding each other little tidbits from their plates. It was as if they both were saving their spoken words for when Sam began her tale. Finishing with the meal, Janet rose and carried the plates back to the kitchen. While she was out of the room, Sam arranged the pillows, creating a comfortable resting spot for them to lay; Janet came back and sat down, settling against the pillows as Sam lay with her head resting in the doctor’s lap.

Janet brushed the bangs away from Sam’s face as they sat quietly; finally, she spoke, “We can always wait to do this if you want,” she said softly, giving Sam the chance to back out if she wanted.

Taking a deep breath Sam let it out, sighing. “Nope…I said I would tell you and I am; just trying to decide where to start.”

“Why not begin with the first thing you remember after they separated you from the guys?” suggested Janet.

Sam’s face scrunched up in thought. “It was dark…I was cold…and my back was killing me….”


It was not the pain in her back that caused her to wake…no, it was the shivering of her body that finally roused her. She opened her eyes only to find darkness…cold, damp, darkness. The chains attached to her wrists scraped the ground as she slowly eased up from the stone floor into a sitting position. That little movement reminded her once again of the injury to her back as skin stretched with the movement, sending pain streaking across it.

Sam pulled her knees up and wrapped her arms around them, huddling in a ball as she shivered. “What is with me and losing my clothes?” she grumbled, her voice echoing slightly.

After a few minutes of running her hands over her limbs trying to get some warmth into them, she rose into a crouch and then slowly stood up, wobbling slightly. Throwing a hand out she hit a wall behind her; it wasn’t smooth like the tunnel which they entered the mountain, this was more rough. She could feel the marks of tools used to hew the rock as she felt along the wall, trying to discover how large the room was. The chains on her wrists pulled her up short before too long and she moved back along the wall until it happened again.

She leaned a shoulder against the wall. “Well, I’ve gone and done it again; I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut,” she muttered, and then remembered what would have happened if she hadn’t spoken up; Daniel would be dead. Shaking her head, she wondered what happened to the rest of the team; the last thing she remembered was being dragged away from the guys, with them trying to get to her only to be beaten by the guards.

“I hope they’re in a better position than I am, “she said softly, pulling on the chains. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she made out the faint outline of a door; light was barely squeezing through the crack under it. She walked towards it but the chains pulled her up again maybe four feet from it; it was hard to judge in the darkness.

She started pacing back and forth as much as the chains allowed, trying to warm up. The whole time she paced, her thoughts whirled around her brain. She began speaking those thoughts just to hear something other than the chains clinking and scraping along the floor.

“This is not good and I have feeling it’s going to get worse; somehow I need to get out of here,” she grumbled, pulling on the chains again, but there was no give in them. From the positioning, it seemed as if the chain was suspended; raising the chains Sam discovered they were level with her shoulders when pulled tight.

“Oh…that is not a good sign; but then waking up without clothes and being chained is never good either, Sam,” she said to herself.

She continued to pace, muttering to herself; suddenly she heard a noise. It sounded like gears moving and the chains binding her wrists began to move. She fought against the movement but to no avail; she could not stop it and her arms slowly pulled up until she stood stretched between the shortened chains. As she stood waiting, she heard the faint sound of footsteps. The sound of a key being placed in a lock and turning was the next noise she heard. Then the door opened and Jarvis entered carrying a lantern.

He hung the key on a hook in the wall and walked towards her, a twisted smile on his scarred face. “Ah…pretty one; we get to spend some time together now,” he commented.

“Like I had a choice,” she replied, unable to keep back the retort.

He stepped closer to her; reaching up, he grasped her chin in his hand. “We have things to discuss, pretty one; don’t make me cut out your tongue just yet,” he remarked, squeezing.

He let loose and turned to walk away, venturing just outside the door. Sam worked her jaw around and opened her mouth to speak but stopped as Jarvis turned back; he carried a low table in his hands and upon it Sam could see several bladed weapons.

‘Oh shit…this can’t be happening to me,’ she thought.

He picked up a curved dagger; the light from the lamp glinted from its silver surface as he waved it slowly back and forth. “Now tell me…where do you and your companions hail from?”

Sam remained silent, refusing to answer. Jarvis stepped closer, running the tip of the blade along her outstretched arm until he reached her neck and he pressed the edge to her throat. “When you first spoke up to save the scholar, I knew you would be a challenge; such defiance…such spirit, I could see it in your eyes,” he said coldly, increasing the pressure.

Sam could feel the edge biting into her skin, but she just glared at him and then spoke, “If you think threatening me with a dagger will make me tell you anything then you’ll be sorely disappointed.”

“I don’t plan on threatening you; I plan to use it, pretty one,” he commented, moving the dagger away from her throat to run it back along her arm; just before he lifted the blade, it sliced into her skin, leaving a shallow cut.

Sam gasped, flinching as the blade bit into her arm; Jarvis gave her an evil grin, “See?”

“All you have to do is answer my questions; now…where are you from?” he asked once more.

Sam refused to speak, only stood taller and glared at him; this earned her another cut. She made no sound or movement as the blade sliced this time. He asked again and the same thing happened; she refused to answer, earning her another cut.

‘Be strong, Sam,’ her inner voice said, ‘maybe if he sees this won’t work he’ll stop.’

However, it did not stop him; in fact, it only made Jarvis more persistent with his questions. He repeatedly asked her where they were from, along with questions about their weapons and if she knew how to make the stone ring come alive. She stayed quiet the entire time, each unanswered questions earned her another slice from the dagger. She could feel the blood trailing from the cuts on her arms but she would not give him the satisfaction of having her react to the slow torture.

He moved away from her to place the dagger on the table, picking up another one. “Perhaps if I concentrated on more sensitive areas you would speak?” he mused, returning to her and running the new blade across her upper body then down, letting the tip trace over her left breast.

Sam could not help but draw in a quick breath as the blade ran over her nipple; this caused Jarvis to smile, his eyes glinting in the lamplight. That was when she realized this was not about questions and answers. The man was getting a thrill from causing her to react to the pain.

This only made her concentrate harder on controlling herself. ‘There is no way I’m giving this twisted bastard a way to get his jollies,’ she thought.

The blade cut into her chest just above her breast and she made no sound. Three more slices and still she refused to utter anything. From the look on Jarvis’s face, Sam could tell she was beginning to piss him off. The questions stopped but the cutting continued until she could feel the blood running. The man left slices all over the front of her body from her chest to her knees.

Jarvis was breathing heavily as he placed the knife down and picked up a fresh one. “Ah, pretty one, you’re not looking so pretty now, but still the spirit holds,” he said, ducking under the chain to stand behind her.

‘Oh fuck,’ Sam thought when she realized what was about to occur.

The blade bit into her already raw back and she couldn’t help but take a step forward. ‘No…no…’ her inner voice screamed.

Another slice and she hissed at the fiery pain; Sam heard the man chuckle as he cut her again. She bit into her lip trying to keep from screaming as he continued to slice the already inflamed tissue of her back. A slice across one of the deep whip marks finally made her cry out in pain.

“You fucking bastard!” she yelled.

This only made him move faster as he continued making cuts; her back was on fire, her knees began to buckle as she tried to withstand the pain but she couldn’t take it any more. Blood ran down her chin from where she bit into her lip and she started to sag against the chains.

He stopped, moving back around to stand before her. Sam’s head hung low as she sagged against the chains; Jarvis placed the tip of the bloody blade under her chin, pulling upwards forcing her to raise her head or risk it cutting into the flesh. Sam glared at him, her eyes full of hate.

“I think that is enough for tonight, pretty one; we shall continue this later,” he said, an evil smile on his scarred face.

Picking up the table, he walked out of the room and shut the door. Sam heard the key turn, locking it. The sound of gears turning began again and she slumped forward as the chains loosened, landing in a heap on the cold stone floor. She lay still for a moment and then her body began shaking as sobs tore from her throat, filling the chamber with her pain-filled cries.


“I passed out after that,” Sam said softly and then grew quiet.

The living room was dark now except for the light spilling into the room from the hallway. Sam still lay with her head on Janet’s lap; looking up, she could see the tears glistening in the faint light as they rolled down her lover’s cheeks.

“Oh, Sam,” the doctor whispered, her voice cracking with emotion.

Sitting up quickly, Sam wrapped her arms around the doctor and cradled her against her chest as the doctor’s silent tears turned to sobs as she lay in her arms.

Sam slowly rocked back and forth. “Shhh…it’s okay, I’m safe…I’m home,” she said, softly rubbing Janet’s back with her hands; she kissed the top of her head and continued to whisper assurances to her lover as she held her tightly.

Janet’s sobs slowly trailed off and she grew silent, lying in her love’s arms. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“For what? There was nothing you could’ve done, even if you were there,” Sam replied to the apology.

“No…I’m sorry for falling apart on you Sam; I told myself today I had to be strong for you, to be there because you needed me,” Janet said, her voice muffled by Sam’s chest as she burrowed against it.

“Here I was worrying about re-living the whole thing and it’s you that’s taking it hard,” she said, stroking Janet’s hair. “Silly woman, how do you think I kept quiet through all he did to me? I kept imagining you standing there looking at me with those big brown eyes and telling me to stay strong; that I could handle anything he did to me,” Sam told her.

Janet sat up, looking into Sam’s eyes, “Really?”

“Yes…really,” Sam said, nodding and reaching up to wipe away the wet marks from her lovers’ face.

Running her hands under Sam’s t-shirt and feeling the bump on her ribs Janet asked. “How did this happen?”

“Do you really want to know?” Sam asked her softly.

“Yes…no secrets, right? Tell me everything,” replied Janet as she leaned back into the pillows once more.

Sam fluffed up a pillow and leaned back against the couch, her head resting on Janet’s shoulder. Janet grasped her hand as Sam took a deep breath; letting it out, she began her tale once more.


She slowly came to; groaning, she tried to rise up but her body would not cooperate, having gone stiff from lying on the cold floor. For how long, she could not tell; she remembered him leaving the lamp but it had now gone out, leaving her in darkness once more.

“Alright, Sam…you can do this…sit up!” she told herself.

Fighting against the pain in her back, she sat up, feeling the stickiness on the floor around her. “My blood,” she whispered, “if he meant to kill me he would have kept going.”

She tried to stand, making it to a crouch before a wave of dizziness swept over her; losing her balance she fell back hitting the wall. “Fuck!” she yelled out as her back connected with the rough wall. She groaned as she rolled to the side, letting her shoulder rest against the wall.

“Okay…trying to stand was a really bad idea, Sam,” she muttered.

She knew the dizziness was more than likely caused by blood loss and her not having eaten in who knows how many days. Sighing, she spoke, “If I get through this I swear I will never skip another meal…ever.”

Her inner voice chimed in, ‘What do you mean if?’

She shook her head. “Alright…now I know I lost too much blood; that sounded like Janet.”

Giggling, she closed her eyes and mumbled to herself, “Why shouldn’t my inner voice sound like her? If I hadn’t imagined her standing there, I don’t think I could have lasted as long as I did. I will not let that bastard break me; I want to go home. Janet needs me.”

‘That’s my girl…you can do it; I know you will come home…you promised remember?’ the voice in her head said.

“Yes, ma’am…I’m going to come home,” she mumbled, her breathing growing slow as she felt herself slipping into unconscious again.

The next time she woke, it was to the sound of the gears grinding as her chains began to pull tight. Sam groaned as the chains forced her to rise with them; she sagged against the chains, her shoulders protesting until she could get her feet under her finally. Standing, arms outstretched, she waited for Jarvis to appear.

Before long the door unlocked and opened; he carried a new lantern with him and replaced the extinguished one. Walking over to where she stood, Jarvis let his gaze travel over her body. “You still live, pretty one,” he remarked.

Sam gritted her teeth. She was really getting annoyed with that term. “I have a name,” she blurted out before she could stop herself.

“No, you do not. You are my slave; slaves do not have names,” snarled Jarvis, striking her across the face.

Sam’s head snapped sideways and she took a step back. Turning her head back towards him, she spat blood onto the floor from the cut he reopened with the blow.

“Where’s your knife, big man?” she taunted.

He snarled again, striking her across the other side of her face. Her head snapped with the blow again and she turned it back slowly, glaring at him.

“I will not let you break me; you’re just sick little man who gets his pleasure from beating up women,” she growled.

Jarvis’s face twisted in rage as he stepped forward, punching her in the side. The blow caused her to stumble back but she regained her footing to stand tall again.

“I’ve been hit by stronger things than you and survived,” she remarked, taunting him again. “You can’t stand the fact that I’m standing up to you, can you?”

That earned another blow to the ribs and she felt something give but continued to stand tall, the defiant look never leaving her face. Jarvis growled in frustration, his hands clenched into fists.

“Come on…hit me again, show me what a big man you are,” she said, a smile on her face.

He answered the challenge, striking her in the face with a closed fist; she did not let it faze her as she taunted him again, never backing down. He started to duck under the chain to move behind her and she stuck a leg out catching his foot; he went crashing into the wall face first as she tripped him.

Jarvis picked himself up, holding a hand to his bleeding nose. He gave her an odd look but said nothing as he grabbed the lantern and walked out, slamming the door and locking it. The chains loosened as the gears turned and she slumped to kneel on the floor.

“Oh God, that was so stupid,” she groaned out, “but it worked.”

She wiped the blood dripping from her nose away with the back of her hand and felt her teeth with her tongue; a couple of them were loose now. Running her hand along her left side, she felt the give in her ribs.

“Well, a few loose teeth and some cracked ribs seem like a small price to pay to prove a point, Sam,” she said to herself.

She had a feeling if she stood up to Jarvis he wouldn’t be able to handle it. Some abusers found no thrill from their attacks when the victim fought back. She knew if he really found pleasure in actually causing her pain he would have continued; this just proved that begging and cries of pain were what he sought. Not defiance from his victims and she was sure there had been many; why else have this chamber?

‘It was still stupid, Sam,’ the inner voice said.

“Sorry, Janet…had to do it; may have been just the thing to get me out of here. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to pass out now,” she said to the voice and then slumped over to lie on her side.


“The next time I woke up Daniel was there,” said Sam, ending her story.

“Do you realize what could have happened if you had been wrong?” asked Janet softly.

Sam nodded, not wanting to say it; she looked at Janet a tear falling from her eye, “I had to take the chance, I couldn’t take him coming after me with those knives again,” she replied.

“I wish I had been there,” Janet told her.

“I already told you there was nothing you could have done,” Sam said.

“No…I wish I had been there so I could have killed the bastard,” growled Janet.

Sam’s face blanked over and she sat up. Janet moved to sit beside her, wrapping an arm around her lover’s shoulders. “What is it?”

“You don’t have to worry about that; he’s dead,” she whispered.

Janet reached a hand up and pulling Sam’s head around, she gazed into her eyes as the tears rolled down her lover’s cheeks. “Oh, sweetie…no…did you…” she couldn’t finish the sentence as Sam broke from her grasp and jumped up from the floor, running out of the room.

The doctor sat there too stunned to move.


She sat frozen in shock; for how long she did not know but the sound of an engine roaring to life snapped her out of it, making her jump up from the floor. “No!”

She ran towards the door leading to the garage; the engine gunned a few times as she reached it. She turned the knob and threw open the door. “Sam!” she yelled as loud as possible.

The helmeted woman either did not hear her or was ignoring the cry, gunning the engine once more. Janet ran to the opened garage door and grabbed the strap, pulling the door down as fast as she could. She turned around to face the motorcycle; the engine cut off and Sam sat there, shoulders slumped and helmeted head bowed.

“Well…at least you put the helmet on,” remarked Janet as she walked to stand beside the motorcycle. “What are you doing?”

Sam shrugged her shoulders; reaching up she pulled the helmet off. “I needed some space,” she said softy.

“No, you were running away; tell the truth. You just told me you killed a man and you were running so you wouldn’t have to face me,” Janet said, trying to keep her voice calm.

Sam refused to answer, she just sat on the bike, fiddling with the chin strap on her helmet letting the buckle clink against the gas tank; the metallic noise echoed in the silence of the garage. Janet couldn’t take it any more she reached up pulling Sam’s head around to face her. She looked into glassy red eyes, the pain and anguish evident on her lover’s face.

“Come back inside, I don’t think you’re through telling me the whole story yet; are you?” the doctor said in a low voice.

She took the helmet out of Sam’s hands and placed it on the floor then took hold of her lover’s hand, tugging until Sam placed the kickstand down, letting the Indian rest. She slowly swung her leg over the bike and allowed Janet to pull her into the house.

They walked into the kitchen where Sam sat on a stool while Janet went to the sink. Grabbing a clean dishtowel, she wet it and then returned to where Sam sat; she took her lover’s tear streaked face in her hand and cleaned the marks from it. Once finished with that task, she turned away to open a cabinet, pulling out the bottle of wine from earlier and setting it before her lover. “Open that,” she told Sam as she went for glasses.

“I thought you didn’t want to drink tonight,” Sam said, giving the doctor a confused look.

“Sam, you just scared the crap out of me trying to pull that stunt; I need something to calm down my nerves and besides, I know if you drink some you won’t try to run off on the bike again, “ Janet said, setting the wine glasses down.

The tall blonde just sighed then nodded and found the opener; she pulled the cork out of the bottle then poured some wine into the glasses set before her. Janet picked up her glass taking a large swallow, she looked at Sam with a raised eyebrow and she, too, took a drink from her glass.

“Is this what you were talking about with Daniel this morning? When I overheard you say I would hate you?” Janet asked softly.

Sam sighed. “Yes,” she whispered, taking another sip from her glass before setting it on the counter.

Janet stood there for a moment and then placed her glass down; she reached across the short distance separating them and grabbed a hold of Sam’s t-shirt pulling the taller woman towards her. When they were inches apart, she looked up into Sam’s eyes. Bringing a hand up, she cupped the back of her lover’s neck and pulled her head down to meet her lips. She tried her best to pour every ounce of love she held for this woman into the kiss; it was long and slow, breaking only when both needed to come up for air.

The doctor smiled up at her taller lover. “I told you I could never hate you; didn’t I say I wanted to kill him too after hearing what that man put you through? Would you hate me for doing it?” she asked, her gaze never breaking from Sam.

“Oh God, no…I could never hate you…you’re the best thing in my life, Janet,” Sam said in rush of words as she wrapped her arms around the doctor, hugging her tight.

“And I feel the same way about you,” said Janet as she pulled back from the hug. “Now that we’ve gotten that clear, I think you need to finish telling me what occurred; unless you don’t want to finish tonight.” She gave Sam a questioning look as she ended the sentence.

“No…I can finish, not all of it but more. That will help you know why I had to do what I did,” answered Sam.

Janet nodded, picking up her glass and Sam’s. “Grab the bottle,” she said, walking towards the living room.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” Sam asked but picked up the bottle and followed the doctor.

“If it keeps you from running away again then yes…unless you want more pills,” remarked Janet, sitting down on the cushions and leaning against the pillows.

“Give me my glass,” said Sam; she filled up the glass handed to her and added some more to Janet’s before she sat next to her lover, leaning against the couch.

Taking a drink of her wine, Sam took a deep breath and spoke, “Daniel already told you what happened when he found me, so guess I’ll start with the next time I woke up…..”


Sam slowly regained consciousness, she tried to move but her body protested and she let out a low groan. Turning her head slowly, her eyes connected with two brown ones not more then a foot from her. Startled for a moment, her head jerked back until she remembered about the two boys; she laid it back on her arms and cleared her throat.

“Which one are you?” she asked in a raspy voice.

“Korin…do ya need some water?” he replied.

“Yes, please,” she rasped.

He jumped up and ran across the room, coming back with a small bucket; scooping a cup into the water he held it to her lips, letting her drink her fill. After two more cups, she told him she was fine now. He set the bucket off to the side and resumed the position he had been in when she woke.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Daniel told me ta keep a close watch on ya; so I am,” Korin replied.

Sam chuckled. “You don’t have to sit that close,” she told the boy. “Where is Daniel?”

He moved back some and replied, “He’s with Jared, taking tha morning meal ta tha mines. He said ta watch ya and if ya needed anything ta help ya.”

“My own personal errand boy…lovely,” Sam said, giving the boy a smile.

The boy perked up at the smile, returning it to her. “Do ya need me ta fetch Meg?”

Sam thought for a moment, now that she was awake her bladder was starting to scream. “Uh, yeah… can you get her for me?”

Korin nodded and jumped up, running out of the room.

“Well, Sam…you’ve got another one hooked,” she said to herself, grinning at the boy’s enthusiasm.

While he was gone, she tried to sit up; slowly pulling her arms under her chest, she pushed upwards. A flash of pain streaked across her back but she gritted her teeth and fought through it; turning her body until she could slide her legs underneath her and assume a sitting position. Once there she pulled the blanket around her upper body and began surveying the damage to her arms and chest.

“Fucking bastard,” she muttered when she saw the cuts peppering her arms and upper body, “there’s no telling what my back looks like.”

Tying the blanket around her body, she tried to stand, on her first attempt she failed miserably as a wave of dizziness swept over her. Plopping back on the cot, she took a deep breath and tried again. Just as she was about to stand upright, Korin ran back into the room followed not far behind by Meg. Sam started to wobble and the boy ran to her side, supporting her as much as he could while she stood up.

“Here now…what do ya think yer doing?” Meg admonished as she walk to stand beside Sam, supporting her other side.

“Trying to stand up so I don’t wet the bed,” joked Sam.

Meg shook her head. “Korin, go stand outside tha door; I’ll call ya when I need ya,” she told the boy.

He looked up at Sam and then Meg. “I’m ta help her, Meg. Daniel told me.”

“Go outside, Korin; you can help me in a little while…okay?” Sam said, ruffling the boy’s hair.

He grumbled but walked towards the door, dragging his feet. Meg chuckled at the boy’s actions. “Here…walk this way if ya can,” she told Sam.

Sam took small steps, holding onto the small woman as Meg directed her towards a screened off area. Once they reached it, Sam saw a crude stool and bucket set-up; Meg helped her to sit down and then gave her some privacy.
She sighed in relief as her bladder emptied, looking around she found a pile of scrap cloth; after she finished with her task, Sam tried to stand.

A throat cleared and she looked up to find Meg watching her attempt. “Daniel was right; ya are a stubborn one,” remarked Meg as she walked over to help Sam stand.

The blonde marveled at the strength the tiny woman possessed as she practically pulled her larger frame upright. “You sure are strong for your size,” she commented as they walked slowly back to the cot.

“Ay…hard work does that for ya,” the old woman replied a bit sarcastically but looked up and gave Sam a wink.

Meg helped her back to the cot and then called Korin back into the room; the boy skidded to a stop before them. “Now…ya go ta tha kitchen and bring back a loaf of bread and a bowl of porridge for tha lady,” the tiny old woman told him.

Korin nodded and took off at a run again; Sam laughed. “Does he run everywhere?”

“Ay…ya should have seen em when he was a little one, had ta tie him ta a table ta keep track of em,” Meg replied in a wistful voice.

Sam saw the look on the old woman’s face it was if she was remembering happier times. “Is he related to you?” she asked.

“Ay, Sam…he’s my grandson,” replied Meg. “Now let me look at yer wounds,” she said, changing the subject.

She saw the pained look that passed over Meg’s face when she said Korin was her grandson and let the subject change slide. She untied the blanket and pulled it from around her upper body. Meg handed her a bowl that had been sitting on the bench next to the cot, while she moved to look over Sam’s back.

“Ya put that on yer front,” Meg told her, “while I do tha back.”

Scooping a bit of the creamy substance onto her finger she brought it up to sniff; it had no smell. She shrugged and began rubbing it over the cuts on her arms. Meg reached around and scooped a handful out of the bowl then applied the cream to her back. Sam winced when the woman hit a few tender spots, but other than that the pain was not bad now that she had stretched the skin by moving around some.

“Yer healing up nicely, Sam; a few more days and ya will never know ya were hurt. Ya might have a few scars but not many,” Meg told her as she finished putting the cream on.

“A few days? I know my back was hurt worse than that, Meg,” remarked Sam.

“Ya have been asleep for three days, Sam,” commented Meg.

“What?” Sam said, turning slightly so she could see the woman.

“Ay…Ya were running a high fever…so I kept ya dosed,” replied Meg. “Tha cream helped pull tha infection out; it also helps ta stop scarring.”

“Wow…I bet Janet would love a sample of this stuff and whatever you used to knock me out,” she said, rubbing more of the cream on her chest.

“I’ve heard that name often these past few days from you and Daniel; who is this Janet?” asked Meg, moving around to sit next to Sam.

“Umm…from me?” A confused look was on Sam’s face as she asked the question.

“Ay…ya spoke it often in yer sleep,” Meg said with a grin.

Sam ducked her head blushing; clearing her throat, she spoke softly, “She’s someone very special to me, Meg.”

“Ay, I gather that from the way ya just acted,” Meg commented. “Is she also the healer Daniel speaks of?”

“Yes…Janet is a healer and she would love to meet you; I just know it,” Sam told her and then grinned, “probably because she wouldn’t be the shortest person in the room.”

This made Meg laugh loudly and Sam joined her. The tiny woman helped her to wrap the blanket back around her body, still chuckling. Korin walked back into the room then, only because he carried a tray with Sam’s food on it; he brought it over setting it on the bench. He picked up the bowl and gave it to Sam; she took a spoonful, testing it with her tongue. It was sweet. She began eating spoonfuls, forcing herself to eat slowly. Korin broke off a piece of bread, handing it to her; she smiled at the boy and he ducked his head. Sam glanced over at Meg who was silently chuckling at the boy’s actions.

Sam soon finished the porridge and most of the bread. Accepting the cup from the young boy, she drank several large swallows and then sighed. “Oh, I feel much better now. Thank you, Meg, and you, too, Korin.”

“Tis nothing…girl, ya need to eat more but we shall wait a bit longer. Let that settle first. Korin…take tha tray back and get ta yer chores,” Meg said.

The boy started to protest but a stern look from Meg sent him out of the room, head hanging low and feet dragging again.

Sam chuckled softly. “That was a look worthy of Janet and it got the same results hers usually do.”

“Now…tell me more about yer Janet,” said Meg as she made herself more comfortable on the cot.

Grinning, Sam began telling the old woman about the doctor and her life; for some reason Sam felt she could just talk to her about anything. It helped her to get her mind off the problems faced now. She cocked her head glancing at the tiny woman. “You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”

“Ay…ya figured me out…I’m trying ta get ya mind on better things for a moment,” replied Meg, “because I have questions ta ask ya.” The old woman’s tone took on a serious note.

“I’ll try to answer what I can Meg; I owe you that much for your help,” replied Sam.

“Good…was Jarvis the only one who did this ta ya or did he have help?” she asked.

“It was just him,” replied Sam softly, her face growing blank.

“Were there any other girls with ya?” the old woman asked.

“No…I was alone,” Sam told her.

Med nodded, “Why did he let you go?”

“Because I stood up to the bastard; I wouldn’t let him have the satisfaction of hearing me beg for him to stop,” Sam said, giving the woman a hard stare. “Why?”

“We haven’t seen him since ya came here,” Meg told her.

Sam laughed loudly. “I knew it! I broke the bastard’s nose!”

Meg gave her an odd look. “Ay…that might be why, he would have a hard time explaining an injury like that ta his men; especially since he tries ta show no weakness around them,” the woman mused.

Sam thought for a few moments. “Why did you want to know if there were other girls?”

Meg sighed. “Many have gone missing in tha past few years; I had hoped maybe they were locked up somewhere.”

“Someone you knew?” asked Sam, her voice concerned.

“Ay, girl…my daughter was one that went missing,” the old woman replied.

“I’m sorry,” Sam said, reaching out to grasp the woman’s hand.

Meg wiped a tear away from her eye and looked up at Sam. “Nothing for ya ta be sorry about girl. Tis just a hope she still lived.”

Standing up, Meg looked down at the seated woman before her and spoke, “I’m glad ya stood up ta him; maybe it will make a difference. Now ya need yer rest. Lie back down and I’ll send Daniel ta ya when he returns.”

Sam began to protest but a yawn convinced her to do as Meg said. She stood and then lay back down on her stomach, resting her head on her arms once more. Meg placed another blanket over her and with a pat on the shoulder left to let Sam rest.

Her thoughts were in a whirl as she lay in the quiet room. It seemed her suspicions were correct. Jarvis had taken other girls and tortured them in his little chamber of horrors. At least she escaped, but Sam had a feeling there would be retaliation for her injuring him; just what she did not know. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep thinking of how they could make it home. She had a promise to keep.


Sam grew silent…her story ending there. Janet glanced over at her lover. Sam’s eyes were growing heavy. The doctor watched her head nod a couple of times and smiled.

“Sweetie, why don’t we stop there for the night? You’re about to fall asleep where you sit,” she said, rubbing Sam’s arm.

Sam yawned. “Yeah…I am getting sleepy, blaming that on the wine,” she said, grinning at Janet.

“Well, you said no pills so…” the doctor let the sentence trail off, returning the grin.

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” grumbled Sam, fluffing up the pillows and lying down to burrow into them. She motioned for Janet to lay next to her but the doctor shook her head.

“Let me go change clothes first,” she said, leaning forward to place a kiss on Sam’s lips, “be right back.”

The smaller woman stood up and left the room, leaving Sam to lie in the faint light, staring up at the ceiling. Her body was tired but her mind still going at warp speed; ‘ I really don’t know why I tried to run away…should have known Janet would stand by my actions; guess it was just the whole re-telling of it all that made me so jumpy,’ she thought to herself. Closing her eyes, she waited for Janet to return.

Janet padded down the stairs, her footfalls falling softly on the carpeted floor. She went to the kitchen, turning off the overhead light but leaving the one over the stovetop on. Walking back into the living room, she stepped on the cushions next to Sam’s stretched out body. The doctor looked down at her lover, her eyes were closed and her breathing slow; she was asleep. Smiling, Janet picked up one of the blankets and sat down next to Sam. She spread the blanket out covering her lover’s body and glanced down at the sleeping woman. She reached a hand out, brushing the bangs away from her forehead and leaned down, placing a kiss there.

Turning around, she lay down next to Sam, facing away from her. As she settled the blanket over her, too, an arm was thrown over her waist and she was pulled up against Sam’s body, which spooned against her. She chuckled as a few mumbled words escaped from the woman behind her.

“I love you, too, Sam,” she said, grasping the hand on her stomach; Janet closed her eyes, snuggling down into the cushions and against Sam.


The sun was just beginning to rise when Sam woke up. She lay staring at the far wall, watching the light change from pale yellow to orange. ‘I actually slept without a nightmare waking me up,’ she thought, ‘maybe all the talking I did really was good for me.’

She rolled over and propped her head up on a raised arm, watching the sleeping form next to her. Janet was lying on her back, a few strands of auburn hair tossed across her face, the morning light shining through the glass back door, cast warm light and shadows across her face and body.

Sam loved to watch her sleep. When Janet slept, all the little worry lines erased from around her eyes and mouth, not that they were a bad thing, Sam thought; she liked the little crinkles on her love’s face, especially when she smiled. Reaching her free hand up, Sam brushed away the strands of hair. Using a fingertip, she barely traced along the jaw line. Such a beautiful face, especially in sleep when fully relaxed.

She brought the finger back up to brush across the bridge of Janet’s nose; this caused her to crinkle it up as the touch tickled the appendage. Sam grinned and did it again then pulled her finger away as the still sleeping woman raised a hand, brushing it across her face. Janet made a grumbling noise and let the hand fall to rest on her stomach. Sam continued with the touches, by running her finger across the knuckles and slim fingers of the hand just moved. This caused Janet to move her hand up, pulling up the material of her tank top, exposing the flat plane of her stomach.

‘Mission accomplished,’ thought Sam, a grin on her face.

Sam ran her fingertips across the exposed skin, watching as muscles twitched from the contact. She glanced at Janet’s face; she still slept. She laid a hand on Janet’s stomach and slowly started rubbing it in circles. Janet moved, stretching her body and letting out a mumbled noise. She smiled. Leaning up on her elbows, she replaced the hand with her lips. Placing small kisses over the exposed stomach and then dipped her tongue into her lover’s navel.

Janet began squirming from her actions and a hand cupped the back of Sam’s head. She glanced up to meet sleepy brown eyes and a smile. “Hey,” said Sam right before she placed another kiss on Janet’s stomach. Leaving her lips in contact with the skin, she blew a raspberry.

The smaller woman giggled and reached down, pulling Sam up along her body until she lay atop the doctor’s smaller form. They were soon eye-to-eye and she tugged on Sam’s head, pulling it down to place a sleepy kiss on her lips. When the kiss ended, she gave Sam a grin. “Hey, silly,” she said.

“Hmmm… I’m silly, huh?” Sam said with a smirk. “I’ll show you silly.”

Sam let her body settle on top of Janet’s and bringing her hands up, began tickling the doctor’s ribs. This resulted in Janet laughing loudly and fighting back, the only way she could; she reciprocated the tickling. The two wrestled around on the cushions, laughing and giggling like little kids until they both called a truce and lay in a curled heap in the middle of the makeshift bed.

The blonde rose up from the cushions until she perched over Janet’s smaller form. Placing a knee between her legs, Sam smiled down at her love. She balanced on one arm and ran her fingers along Janet’s jaw with her free hand. “I love you so much,” she whispered and leaned down, placing a kiss on her lover’s lips.

The kiss grew longer as Janet cupped the back of Sam’s neck, pulling her down closer. They explored each other’s mouths slowly, tongues gently twining, neither fighting for dominance, just savoring in each other. Sam broke the kiss to trail her lips along the underside of the doctor’s jaw, little nips that made Janet stretch her neck and give Sam more skin to explore. She complied.

While Sam was busy with her neck, Janet ran her hands under her lover’s t-shirt. Letting her hands trail back and forth along her sides, she grasped the edges of the shirt, dragging it up until she could pull it over her love’s head; Sam broke contact long enough to allow the shirt to come off. Then she pulled her arms out of it, going right back to suckling and placing little nips along Janet’s throat and shoulders.

Janet cupped the exposed breasts perched above her, brushing her thumbs over hardening nipples. When she gave them a slight twist, Sam gasped and growled arching her back. The doctor snaked her hands up around Sam’s neck and her lover pulled her smaller frame up from the cushions. As they rose into a sitting position, Janet now straddling her thigh, hands found their way under Janet’s tank top and it too soon came off to be tossed aside.

Once the offending material was out of the way, Sam moved her attention to the full breasts before her. She trailed her tongue between them and then moved to swipe across a pert nipple, capturing it in her mouth. The suction from Sam’s lips made Janet shudder, her head threw back and a small moan escaped from her throat as she gripped her lover’s head between her hands. Sam continued to lavish attention to the doctor’s breasts, alternating from one to the other until finally Janet pushed her away rather forcefully, causing Sam to fall back on the cushions. The doctor straddled her hips kneeling over her to begin returning the favor.

Sam writhed under the skillful mouth of the doctor as she used her tongue to toy with a nipple, the gentle suction accompanied by teeth grazing the sensitive skin. Running her hands along the smaller form above her, Sam hooked her thumbs into the pajama bottoms, pulling them over the doctor’s hips until they stopped where Janet straddled her. Janet paused to rise up and, looking into smoky blue eyes, she trailed her hand across Sam’s chest, pausing to pinch a nipple between her fingers.

The doctor grinned as Sam moaned and threw her head back. This only gave her access to the line of freckles that ran along the side of her lover’s neck and she leaned forward to begin placing tender kisses along them, traveling up until she was met by Sam’s lips as she captured Janet’s. The kiss was not slow this time; it was hard and full of hunger. Their tongues dueled for space in each other’s mouths.

While their tongues fought for dominance, Sam slid her hands between them and grasped a nipple, squeezing. She then continued down to cup Janet’s ass, causing her to move forward.

Janet broke the kiss. “Pants off. Now,“ she growled in a husky voice.

Sam rose up, moving her hands to grasp the doctor’s waist she lay her down on the cushions. Pulling back up to yank off the partial removed bottoms, she tossed them over her shoulder. Janet laughed at her lover’s exuberance.

“You said pants off,” Sam said, grinning as she pulled down her sweats and soon they, too, joined Janet’s somewhere across the room.

Janet held a hand out and Sam pulled her up unto they were pressed close together, bodies straddling each other’s thighs. Lips locked in another hungry kiss as Sam’s hand snaked between them to travel down over her love’s firm stomach. She let her fingers slip into wet folds, causing Janet to groan into her mouth and begin to move her hips, bucking against a straddled leg. Sam broke the kiss to latch onto a breast as Janet leaned back, arching her body, her hips moving in a steady rhythm against the hand between her legs as Sam’s fingers worked.

The doctor pushed her upper body upward, causing Sam to lose contact with the nipple she had been sucking on. This earned her a growl that turned into a moan as she slipped a hand between her lover’s legs, running her thumb over Sam’s stiff clit in slow circles; hips ground against her hand as Sam began moving. They both found a steady rhythm and moved in sync with one another, hands moving, hips thrusting, their breaths coming in gasps as they built towards climax.

“Saaammm,” moaned Janet as she began to tremble.

“Ohhhhh, Jannn,” groaned Sam as she leaned forward to bite down on Janet’s shoulder.

When Janet felt the teeth latch onto her skin that was it and she crashed over the edge, her hand still moving until Sam too joined her. Slowly, arms moved to circle waists as they held each other close and little aftershocks rippled through their bodies. After a few minutes, their breathing slowed and Sam pulled back, bringing a hand up to brush the damp hair from Janet’s face, gazing into her eyes. She leaned forward and placed a soft kiss to her love’s lips. Breaking it she leaned back, still gripped firmly by Janet.

“Morning,” she whispered, smiling at the doctor.

“Wow…yeah, good morning to you, too,” replied Janet as she lay her head on Sam’s shoulder.

They sat on the cushions bathed in morning light, just holding one another. Neither wanting to move and break the moment.


Such heartbreaking Sam-whumping, but the sex? Yum!

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