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kitty in color

elfcat255 in passion_perfect

Coming Home Part 5

Title: Coming Home-part 5
Fandom:Stargate SG-1
Warnings or Spoilers:This is a dark fic at times, contains violence, sex and bad language
Archiving:yes, please(elfcat255@aol.com)
Summary:Final chapter where in we learn the fate of Sam's tormentor and the team makes it home.
Rating:Hard R---this section contains a violent act
AN: thanks to my betasams_ceara and this is the final chapter, thanks to anybody who's been reading it.

Sam’s story stopped when Janet grabbed her chin, turning her lover’s head to look up at her.

Janet glared at her. “Stick it out, now,” she ordered.

The blonde sighed but stuck her tongue out, then wiggled the silver barbell now stuck in the hole with her lower lip.

Looking closely the doctor saw no signs of infection around the jewelry. “That was stupid on both accounts…the wire and the plan, but I see if you hadn’t done it Daniel would be dead. Is that what happened when he told me you saved his life a second time?”

Sam nodded, pulling her tongue back in her mouth.

“When did you put that in?” asked the doctor, referring to the jewelry.

“After we got out of the shower; I was going to let it heal but decided to leave it opened up for awhile,” she told Janet with a grin and a waggle of her eyebrows.

Janet returned the grin, tweaking Sam’s nose. “Well, finish the story,” she told her lover.

“Can you give me a few minutes? This next part is going to be rough; I really don’t want to tell you but I need to, I know that now,” Sam said softly.

“Sure…take your time, sweetie; I can fix us some lunch if you want,” Janet told her.

“Nah…I’m not hungry right now. Just give me a little bit and I’ll finish,” replied Sam. Rising up from her position, she stood and walked to the back door and opening it, she exited out onto the deck.

Janet watched as her lover paced back and forth. The doctor stood up, moving to lean on the arm of the loveseat where she could see Sam better. She wanted to go out there and wrap Sam in her arms but she knew her lover needed this time to gather her thoughts. ‘She must be thinking about how to tell me she killed Jarvis,’ the doctor thought. She could see Sam talking to herself and, knowing this was how her lover usually worked through a problem, Janet was satisfied just to watch and wait until Sam was ready to talk again.

After a few more minutes of pacing, Sam stopped and raised her eyes to the sky. She stood like that for a few more minutes then Janet saw her sigh, lower her head and turn to walk towards the door. Janet stood waiting for her as she came inside. The doctor held her arms out, allowing Sam to walk into them for a hug.

“Feel better?” Janet asked.

A few sniffles answered her along with a whispered, “Yes.”

“Are you ready to finish the story?” Janet asked, pulling back to look up at Sam.

Sam nodded and they walked back to the cushions. Janet sat down and this time her lover lay down, cuddling up to her side, practically on top of her smaller frame. Once they both were comfortable, Sam began speaking again in a quiet voice.

“I woke up in that damn room again….”


Sam slowly woke up. She heard the chains rattle against the floor as she raised her upper body from the floor. She blinked her eyes a few times; her head was killing her but her plan had worked. Sitting up she began to work. She did not know how long she had been there or how much time she had to pull this off so she quickly stuck her tongue out and unwound the wire from around it, pulling it through the hole. Holding the wire in her lips, she felt along her wrist until she found the cuff to the manacles and with her fingers found the key hole.

As she took the wire in her free hand, she began picking the lock on the cuff and couldn’t help but laugh softly. “Jack thought I was being crazy when I learned how to pick locks…told him it would come in handy one day,” she said to herself.

After a few minutes of twisting the wire around, the soft click of the lock opening rewarded her efforts. She took the wire in her free hand and began picking the other lock; it, too, soon opened. Just in time, it seemed as she heard the sound of the gears starting to turn. Sam placed the unlocked cuffs back on her wrists and stood, letting the chain tighten. She bent her wrists gripping the cuffs to keep them from falling off as the chain pulled tight. She heard footsteps and then the key turn in the lock as Jarvis opened the door.

He stood there holding a lantern looking at her with an evil smile on his face.
“Ah, we meet again pretty one,” he remarked, his tone sickly sweet as he hung up the lantern.

“Yeah…we need to stop doing that and you so need to think about hiring a decorator for this place…it sucks,” commented Sam.

Jarvis chuckled. “Still full of fire, pretty one; maybe this time I can put it out,” he told her.

He turned away to pull a table into the room. Sam could make out a small pot with live coals and several knives. ‘There is no way he’s getting near me with that,’ she thought. She watched as he placed one of the knives in the coals, letting it rest there. While he waited, Jarvis turned back to her.

“Nothing to say, pretty one?” he asked, moving closer to her but not so close she could strike at him with her legs.

“Oh, I have plenty to say; I just don’t think you would understand it. My Neanderthal is a little rusty,” she smarted off.

He gave her an odd look, then turned away to pick up the knife from the coals. Moving towards her, he waved it back and forth in front of her face. Sam tracked the glowing blade with her eyes. Jarvis began to walk around behind her from her right side. Not making the mistake he made the last time, he kept far away from her legs.

This is what Sam hoped for and as he stepped under the chain, she let go of the cuff around her left wrist, moving towards him fast she looped the chain in her right hand around his neck and pulled. He struggled against the hold around his neck but Sam held tightly. Moving behind him, she drove a foot into the back of his knee, which forced him to the floor. Jarvis began to wheeze as his air supply slowly closed off. Soon he slumped over and the only thing holding him up was Sam’s grip on the chain. She waited a few minutes to make sure he was not faking then relaxed her grip, letting him fall to the floor. Reaching down, she felt for a pulse. It was there but weak.

She quickly unwound the chain and locked one of the cuffs onto his wrist once that was accomplished. She walked towards the door, searching outside of it for the control for the gears. Not finding it near the door, she took the lantern down and searched further up the tunnel. Finally, when she neared a door at the end she found the lever for the gears. Pulling it down, she heard them grinding and returned down the tunnel to the room. Jarvis was beginning to wake when she walked in. Moving quickly, she took the other chain and locked it on his free hand.

“Alright, you evil bastard, let’s see how you like a taste of your own medicine,” she growled.

She left the room, jogging back towards the tunnel entrance where she threw the lever up, smiling when she heard the gears grinding. As she walked back to the room, Sam realized what she was about to do was wrong but after what he had done to her and no telling how many other women, she considered it a form of justice. Right now, she was too angry to let that inner voice talk her out of doing this.

Upon reaching the room, she found the chains holding Jarvis up from the floor. She walked up to him and slapped him across the face. This made him startle awake. Standing up, the man began to fight against the chains holding him.

“Not a fun position to be in is it, big man?” she asked, standing before him with her arms crossed.

“Release me at once!” he ordered loudly.

“Nope…it’s time for a little payback; all those women who have disappeared deserve a little justice…don’t you think?” she commented smugly.

“You won’t get away with this. My men will find me,” he said, his tone beginning to sound frightened.

Sam turned away from him to pick up a knife from the table and laughed. “Like you have told anyone about this room…I don’t think so,” she said coldly as she turned back to move close, waving the knife before his face.

He began to shake as the knife grew closer to his face, but Sam did not cut him; she began stripping his clothing off instead. Once she finished with that she glanced down. “No wonder you have to get your kicks from hurting women…little man.” She laughed at the look of terror on his face as she trailed the knife over his genitals.

“No worries, there’s not enough there to cut off,” she told him, instead she sliced him across the chest. He cried out immediately and began to beg.

“Not gonna work, little man. I’m not doing this for the thrill,” she said quietly, her tone growing serious as well as the look on her face.

She took a deep breath and went to work. By the time she stopped, Jarvis’s body ran red with blood from the numerous cuts she inflicted. She blocked out his whimpers and cries long ago; standing in front of him, she used the tip of the blade to pull his head up until he looked her in the eyes.

Once he was looking at her, she spoke, “My name…you asshole… is Samantha Grace Carter,” making a quick motion she sliced open his right cheek, “that was for Jared’s mother,” she stated and then made the same motion slicing open the other cheek, “and that was for Korin’s.”

She turned away from him, moving towards the door. “You can’t leave me like this!” he sobbed out.

Turning back around, she picked up another knife. “No…you’re right…I can’t leave you like this.” She walked to stand before him again and with a quick thrust, she drove the knife into his stomach, twisting it slowly before pulling it out. “Now I can leave you. Die a slow painful death, you bastard,” she growled and spat in his face.

She ignored his cries as she walked slowly out the door, closing it and locking it with the key that rested in the lock still. Walking up the tunnel a little, she slowly sank to her knees and then fell forward retching until nothing was left in her stomach. Using the wall to pull herself up, she walked around her bile and made her way to the door. She felt along the wall and found another lever, pulling it down, the door in front of her popped open. She slowly pushed it open to find a large wall hanging hiding the door from view. Ducking her head around, she made sure the room was empty before she walked out. Once out, she pushed the door shut, making sure the tapestry covered it once more. Just for a safe measure, she pushed a large cabinet that stood next to it across the passage as well.

Once finished with that, Sam began searching the room for the crystals she knew were there somewhere. Her suspicions were soon made true when she discovered the power crystals hanging from a small chandelier over the bed.

“Yes!” she exclaimed, jumping up on the bed to pull it down.

When she had it down, she quickly checked over them. No cracks and they were all here. She sighed in relief and climbed down from the bed, the crystals in her hands. Setting them on a table, she began looking for something to put on. Luck was with her today because there, in a corner, sat their backpacks and weapons.
Moving closer, she found her clothing from the trip in piled next the packs, along with her boots.

Sam quickly pulled on her pants and then the t-shirt Daniel gave her, she found her socks and pulled them on then stuck her feet in her boots. “Ahh…boots, I missed you,” she sighed, lacing them up.

Rummaging through the packs, she also found her GDO, this made her smile widely and emptying one of the backpacks, she unloaded their weapons and stuffed them into the empty pack. Sorting through what she pulled out, she placed the things she did not want to leave in another pack, along with a few things from the other two packs, mainly ammo and med kits. She knew there was at least the one handgun still out there but without ammo, it would soon be useless.

Shouldering the two packs, she walked back to the table and put the crystals in the side pockets on her pants.

She glanced towards the secret door, imagining she could hear muffled cries. Sam shook her head and then walked away, unlocking the door she exited. She re-locked it behind her and took the key with her. Staying to the shadows, she made her way back to the lower levels without any incident. She walked into the kitchen, but didn’t see Daniel, the boys or Meg. Stopping one of the slaves, she asked their whereabouts and the boy told her they were leaving with the caravan.

“Show me the way there…quickly!” she told him.

The boy gave her an odd look and she gave him a little shove. “Go!”

He took off at a run with her following close behind; soon they came to a huge open cavern, looking around in all the milling people, Sam spotted Meg sitting on a cart towards the middle of the line of wagons. “Thanks,” she told the boy and then jogged towards Meg.

The closer she got to it, she could see Daniel along with the boys huddled around the back of the cart. Jogging up to them, she let the packs fall from her shoulders to land on the ground with a thud. “Not leaving without me, are you?” she asked, trying to catch her breath.

A chorus of voices yelled, “Sam!” and she found herself engulfed in a group hug.

“About time you showed up, Carter,” a wry voice said.

Sam peeked over Daniel’s shoulder to see Jack and Teal’c on the other side of the cart. “Ran into a few snags, Sir…but I made it; besides you need what I found to leave,” she said to her CO, grinning.

“You found the DHD crystals?” asked Daniel, releasing her from the hug.

“Yep,” she answered, patting her pockets.

“Here now…time enough for talk later. Climb up here, girl, we’re about to move,” Meg called out to them.

Sam climbed up to sit next to the old woman, who threw an arm around her shoulders and leaned her head close. “Are ye alright?”

“Yeah…I’m fine Meg,” she told her.

“Jarvis?” asked Meg with a raised eyebrow.

Sam’s face blanked over. “I don’t want to talk about that right now, Meg.”

Meg patted her knee. “Ay…later Sam…later.”

A call sounded out and the wagons began to move, Sam cleared the dark thoughts from her head; they were going home.


Janet felt the body wrapped around her begin to shake. She reached down to pull the taller woman up into her arms and held her as she cried.

“Shhh…its okay, Sam,” the doctor whispered, rubbing her lover’s back and placing a kiss on the blonde head under her chin.

“You still don’t hate me?” Sam asked, her question muffled by Janet’s chest. “Even though I tortured a man to death?”

The doctor pushed her back and pulled her chin up until Sam’s eyes met hers. In a serious tone, she spoke, “I told you before, I could never hate you; he deserved what you did to him. Hell…I would have made it last longer. In fact, I probably could have with my medical knowledge.”

“But…” began Sam.

“No buts…it’s over with; you’ve told me about it and we’re okay. I just hope you will able to forgive yourself one day…I know you too well, Samantha Carter,” Janet said quietly.

Sam sniffled a few times. “Telling you helped, I think…I feel lighter,” she told her love.

Leaning forward Janet placed a soft kiss on Sam’s lips. She leaned back to gaze into her eyes again. “We’ll get through it together, whatever else comes from this…understand?”

Sam nodded and then wrapped her body back around Janet’s, holding her tightly; Janet sat there holding her, letting her own tears fall silently and thinking, ‘Whatever else, Sam…whatever else.’


Janet reached a hand up to wipe the tears from her face. Sam still had a tight grip on her waist; she stroked the blond head lying against her chest, “Hey, Sam,” she said softly.

“Hmm?” was the muffled reply.

“How long did it take you to reach the gate?” the doctor asked, she hoped asking Sam questions would pull her from the funk she spiraled into after finishing the last part.

“Three days…why?” replied Sam.

“I just wondered if anything interesting happened…that’s all,” Janet told her.

Janet felt Sam begin to shake again, this time with laughter; sitting up, her lover looked at her. “Oh yeah…Jack met Meg,” she said, trying to control a giggle.

“Really…want to tell me about it?” asked Janet, flashing a smile at her love.

Sam cocked her head to the side, giving Janet a sappy smile. She leaned forward until they were inches apart. “I love you,” she whispered and then kissed the doctor slowly, taking her time to savor her love’s lips. She slipped her tongue in Janet’s mouth and tried not to laugh when the doctor found the barbell and began playing with it. Breaking the kiss, she pulled back and grinned at her lover.

Janet grinned back. “What brought that on?”

“You…for making me think about something else,” replied Sam.

Shrugging her shoulders, Janet told her, “I just hate seeing you down, especially when you have no reason to be.”

Sam began to speak but a finger laid across her lips stopped her. “I told you no buts…and we…will get past this. Just don’t shut me out okay?”

With a nod of her head Sam replied, “I won’t…I promise.”

That was what Janet needed to hear; Sam had promised and she would keep it, the doctor knew that for sure. She smiled at Sam, brushing the bangs out of her eyes. “So…tell me about Meg’s first meeting with Jack.”

“Well…I wasn’t there for the first meeting actually but Daniel told me all about it while we were leaving the mountain….”


She watched as the lead wagons began rolling forward, like a huge caterpillar inching its way along the line started moving. Meg held the reins guiding the two animals pulling their cart. Now that Sam could get a closer look at the creatures, they resembled small oxen more than deer…delicate oxen.

“What are those called?” she asked Meg.

The old woman looked at her. “Tic and Tac,” she replied.

Sam laughed. “No…not their names. What kind of animal are they?”

“Ahh…kitaks,” Meg replied. “They are small ones, though. Tha larger ones pull tha bigger wagons.”

Sam nodded. She looked around as they left the cavern. Along the sides of the wall, she could see large pens that contained more of the animals, separated by size. Glancing around, she saw the boys walking on either side of Daniel as he walked along the left side of the cart and looking behind her, Sam saw Jack sitting in the back of the cart. He was leaning against the side, his head nodding as he slept. Teal’c followed behind them, bringing up the rear.

Before long, they entered a tunnel to travel upwards until reaching the cavern Sam recognized from when they first arrived. One by one the wagons were disappearing through the tunnel they had traveled through to get in the mountain. Daniel moved up closer to walk near her and the boys jogged up to walk near the kitaks’ heads. A hand touched her leg and she looked down to see Daniel smiling up at her.

“I see you found your boots,” he said, pointing at her feet.

She grinned. “Yup…I don’t see how those two run around barefoot all the time,” she said, nodding her head towards the boys. “My feet aren’t that tough.”

Daniel laughed. “I don’t think they’ve ever worn shoes, Sam,” he remarked and then his face grew serious as he asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah...I’m fine, Daniel; When did you get Jack and Teal’c out of the mines?” she asked, changing the subject before her friend could ask anything else.

“This morning after breakfast,” he told her and then laughed. “If you think Meg is bossy in the kitchen, you should have seen her tear into the mine guards.”

“I can hear ya speaking, boy,” Meg said loudly, but she gave Sam a grin and a wink.

“Tell me about it,” Sam said to him, looking down at her friend as they entered the tunnel.

Daniel launched into lecture mode as he began the story of Jack and Teal’c’s ‘rescue’….


Daniel and the boys were eating their morning meal when Meg walked up to stand beside the table. “Here now…when ya two scamps finish with yer food, I need ya ta load tha cart,” she said to Jared and Korin, who nodded. “Make sure ya have enough foodstuffs for all of us and blankets,” she told them.

She looked at Daniel next. “We will go fetch yer friends from tha mines when ya finish.”

“We can go now if you want, Meg,” he told her.

“No, eat yer food; I have a few things ta do before we go,” she replied and then left them to finishing eating.

Daniel glanced over at the boys who had their heads close together. It looked as if they were arguing about something. “What’s wrong, you two?” he asked.

Jared looked up. “Oh, we are just trying to decide who does what this time and Korin reminded me that I was the one who forgot the blankets last trip,” he replied, ducking his head.

“It got really cold that time, too,” Korin said, nudging Jared in the ribs.

Daniel grinned at them then hurried to finish his food. By the time they finished and had taken care of their plates, Meg returned. She walked up to Daniel carrying a tall walking stick. It towered over her by at least a foot.

“Now, let’s go get yer friends, boy; ya let me do all tha talking, remember?” She said, looking up at him.

“Yes, Meg…I remember,” he assured her.

He followed her out of the kitchen, down the same route taken when he helped Jared pass out the food while Korin watched Sam after she reappeared. Before long, they exited onto a stone ramp, leading down to the pens where the mine slaves stayed when not working. Since it was not that long after morning meal, the pens were still full. Meg walked before him, the walking stick making tapping noises as she lifted and set it down. He knew the tiny woman did not need it and wondered why she carried it now.

They walked up to the two guards overseeing the pens and Meg looked up at them. “Here now…I need two strong backs ta take with me on tha caravan leaving today,” she told them.

One of them nodded at her. “Ay, Meg. Time to gather herbs again already, is it,” he said, knowing her routine.

“Ay…tis Kreg,” she said to the man. “My boy here will pick a couple out if ya let him.”

They opened the pen door allowing Daniel to enter. He looked around the huddled mass of bodies not seeing his friends so he walked further into the pen and finally spotted Teal’c standing near the far wall, with Jack seated on the ground next to him. He hurried over to them a smile on his face.

“Hey, guys…you ready to blow this joint?” he joked.

“Indeed, Daniel Jackson,” Teal’c replied, reaching down to help Jack.

Daniel saw him stand, but not put any weight on one leg, “What happened, Jack?”

“Oh, just me and my big mouth,” muttered Jack.

“Colonel O’Neill made a comment to Kern yesterday morning about his questionable parentage and the man’s reply was to inflict a heavy blow to his knee,” Teal’c stated, allowing Jack to lean on him as the began to walk forward.

“Well, that was smart Jack,” Daniel remarked sarcastically as he stepped up to let Jack put an arm around his shoulder and helped the pair to move faster.

“Really, Daniel? I thought it was brilliant, actually,” quipped Jack, giving his friend a wry grin.

They grew closer to the door but when they finally reached it, the guard stopped them before they could exit. “Here now… hold on,” he told them.

Turning around, he faced Meg. “That one is hurt. He won’t be of any use to you, Meg,” he said, motioning at Jack.

“Is there anything wrong with his hands?” she asked, looking at Daniel.

“No, mistress, his hands are fine,” Daniel answered.

“Then he can drive tha cart while tha others work,” she told the guard.

“But still…” the man’s comment was cut off by the walking stick hitting him in the shoulder.

“Are ya going ta argue with me boy? Ya know he’ll be fixed by tha time I bring him back,” she said, waving the stick under the guards’ nose.

“No, Meg…no argument. Take those two if you want,” the man said, holding up his hands in defeat.

“Well, what are ya standing there for…get back ta tha kitchens with em, boy,” she said, looking at Daniel and shaking the stick at him.

“Yes, mistress,” he replied and began walking with Jack and Teal’c back the way they came.

Meg stayed for a few moments talking to the guards then followed the trio; she caught up with them at the bottom of the ramp. Walking past them, she took the lead and the four made their way back to the kitchen, where Teal’c and Daniel set Jack down on a low stool. Daniel finally was able to let out the laugh he had been holding since Meg threatened the guard.

“I was wondering why you had the stick,” he said after controlling his laughter.

“Ay…spoons don’t work on them anymore,” she said with a wink and a grin; facing Jack, she stared at him “Pull up yer trouser leg,” she told him.

Jack looked up at Daniel who just nodded. Grumbling, Jack did as told to reveal a very swollen knee. Meg pressed along it causing Jack to jump slightly and make a few muttered remarks. “Ya stay right here, I’ll be back,” she told him.

“Where’s she going? What’s she gonna do?” Jack asked quickly, looking up at Daniel.

“Don’t worry, Jack, she did a great job of taking care of Sam, trust her,” he told the worried man.

“Great…I get to be worked on by a folk healer,” he muttered. “Hey, where is Carter?”

Daniel grew silent and Jack gave him a serious look. “Daniel…where is Carter?” he asked again more forcefully.

Meg walked back up to them carrying a small bag and a bucket of steaming water. “She’s fine. Don’t ya worry about tha girl,” the old woman told him.

Daniel gave her a confused look. “But Meg…” she cut him off.

“I said don’t worry, she can take care of herself just fine. Now fetch me a stool ta put under his leg,” she told Daniel.

He did as asked and helped Jack to put the leg up; Jack hissed in pain as he settled the leg down, “If I could get my hands on Kern I’d strangle him right now,” he muttered.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that, Jack; Sam already took care of him,” Daniel told him.

“All right…would you please tell me what’s going on? What did you mean by that and where the hell is Carter?” Jack demanded loudly then let out a yelp as Meg poured a strange liquid on his knee and placed a hot towel around it. “That burns! What was that?”

“Something ta bring tha swelling down,” Meg told him as she rummaged around in the bag for something else. “Daniel take yer other friend and show him where ta wash up; I’ll tell this one what happened in tha hall last night.”

He started to protest but a glare from the old woman made him nod his head and motioning for Teal’c to follow him, he led the Jaffa away. As they were walking out of the kitchen he heard Jack yelp again and yell, “Damn it, woman!”

Daniel returned to the kitchen a short time later to find Jack still sitting with his leg elevated and his head propped up on one arm. He spoke up when he saw Daniel enter the room. “I owe both you and Carter a butt-kicking; how could you let her do something that stupid?”

“I didn’t know she was going to do it, Jack. If I did, don’t you think I would have stopped her?” Daniel replied, pulling out a stool to sit at the table.

“Meg told me Sam had a plan,” Jack told him. “That means she knew what she was getting into and prepared for it. All we can do now is wait, Daniel.”

The two men sat in silence, each worrying about the fate of their friend.


“So we waited until Meg told us it was time to start getting ready to leave, “ Daniel told her as they neared the entrance to the mountain. “If you hadn’t shown up by the time we were leaving, the boys were going to take Teal’c and me to Jarvis’ rooms, and we were going to rescue you.”

“So that’s what you three were huddled up talking about when I showed up?” Sam asked.

Daniel looked up at her, nodding. “Yeah.”

Sam reached down and gripped the hand he placed on the edge of the cart seat and squeezed it tightly. She smiled and said, “Thank you.”

“You would have done the same thing, Sam. In fact, you have, so no thanks needed,” her friend told her and then he slowed down, letting the cart move ahead of him; she watched as he took up position near the rear so he could keep an eye on Jack.

As the cart neared the tunnel exit, Sam could see that it was just beginning to get light outside. Outside…she missed being outside. No more stone walls and cold floors, she thought. Exiting, they followed along at an even pace with the other wagons but once clear of the mountain’s shadow, Meg directed the animals to pull out of the line and travel parallel to the other wagons. This put some distance between them and the others.

“Why are we breaking line?” Sam asked the old woman.

“Do ya want to eat their dust tha whole way?” Meg remarked.

“Ahh…good point,” Sam said, nodding.

Sam watched as Jared and Korin chased each other in a game of tag. They would make circles around the cart, using it to block each other. Teal’c and Daniel also became objects to use, as they would cut around the two men trying to touch one another. Sam laughed at their antics. “I take it they don’t get outside very often,” she said to Meg.

“Ay…many people in tha keep never see tha sun their whole lives. Those two get ta do this once a year, so I let em play while they can. Tis good for em,” commented Meg.

“You’ve done a good job raising them, Meg. They’re good boys and will make great men one day,” Sam told her. “And Daniel told me about Korin. He will be a good leader.”

Meg glanced at the woman beside her, seeing her stare ahead blankly as she talked. “I’m guessing there’s a reason ya say that,” she said to Sam.

“I’m not ready to talk about that right now, Meg. Just make sure Korin grows up to be a fair man,” Sam said softly.

Meg let her head nod. “Tis a good thing ya did, Sam, remember that and I’ll not ask ye about it again,” the tiny women said, patting Sam on the knee.

Sam looked at her and then smiled. The smile turned into a yawn as her lack of sleep began to catch up to her and the fresh air and warm morning sunlight were making her sleepy. Meg saw the yawn and nudged her arm, “Climb in tha back and rest, girl; there’s nothing back there ya can break, so git,“ Meg said, motioning to the back with her head.

She did not try to argue but stood up and turned around to climb over the seat into the back of the cart. Trying not to step on the bundles packed there, she found an open spot across from Jack and settled down against the side of the cart. Just as she began to doze off, Sam felt her foot shake. She opened her eyes to see Jack watching her.

“I told those kids to tell you not to do anything stupid,” he said to her.

“Yes, Sir…I got the message, but I had to do something. We needed the crystals,” she said, patting her pockets.

“Good job, Carter,” he told her and laid his head back against the cart, closing his eyes.

She did the same thing but just as she felt sleep overtaking her, Sam heard him say, “I still owe you a butt-kicking though.” She grinned and then drifted off, the rocking of the cart lulling her into sleep.


Sam woke up from her nap when she realized the cart no longer moved; sitting up, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes to find they were stopped next to a grove of tall trees, their branches providing cool shade from the two suns which now were high in the sky. She looked around to find the rest of the team along with Meg and the boys sitting around a small fire, eating a meal. She climbed out of the cart and stretched her body to loosen the kinks. She wandered over to sit next to Daniel. He handed her some bread and a bowl of porridge, which she began eating hungrily. Korin passed her a water skin to drink from and she thanked him. While eating her food, she watched as Meg rose from the low stool she sat on to rummage around in the back of the cart. Returning to the group with a bag, she stood by Jack and just stared at him.

“What?” he asked, looking up at her.

“I need ta work on yer knee again,” the tiny woman told him.

“It’s fine…feels much better, thank you but no,” the man said.

The tiny woman glared at him, her gaze never wavering. He hummed and hawed but finally broke under the glare. “Do they patent that look or something? I swear Fraiser does the same thing,” he muttered pulling up his pants leg. Sam and Daniel exchanged glances, grinning at each other.

Meg knelt down and began to unwrap the bandage around it. Once unwrapped, she poked around the injured joint causing him to yelp a couple of times and grumble under his breath. This made Daniel start laughing. “Just be glad she doesn’t have needles, Jack,” he told the man.

“I’m beginning to think needles aren’t so bad,” he said, jumping as she poured more of the liquid onto his knee. “At least with them it’s over with fast,” Jack said, his comment directed towards the tiny woman as she spread a salve on his knee and began re-wrapping it.

“There now, I’ll do it again when we stop for tha night, so prepare yerself,” Meg told him as she mixed a powdered substance in a small cup of water. She handed the cup to Jack who sniffed it. Looking up at her, he spoke, “I don’t feel like sleeping more.”

Sam gave Daniel a look. “She dosed him? Is that why he was sleeping?”

Daniel nodded. “Yep…she dosed him.”

Meg spoke up, “This won’t make ya sleep but it will help with tha pain and I know it hurts ya…now drink,” she ordered the man.

Jack grumbled more but after another hard glare from the tiny woman, he drank the mixture and made a funny face after downing it. “Gah, why does all medicine have to taste like crap?” he muttered.

Daniel and Sam laughed at his muttered comment. Sam finished her meal, handing the empty bowl to Jared who was gathering the others to wash out. She stood up, stretching again and made her way back to the cart to begin looking through one of their packs. She was trying to find something to put the crystals in so she would not fracture them by accident keeping them in her pockets. Not finding anything large enough, she called Korin over and asked him if they had something she could use. The boy climbed into the cart, pulling up the cloth covering their bundles. He found an empty basket and passed it to her.

Sam reached into her pockets and began pulling the DHD crystals out; she held each one up to the sky, double-checking their condition. She glanced over at Korin, who was watching her handle the crystals with a fascinated look on his face. She handed him one of the crystals and he took it from her, holding onto it gently.

“This is what we were searching for?” he asked, holding the red crystal up to the sky, letting the sun catch it and throw red streaks across the ground.

“Yep,” Sam told him.

“They’re beautiful,” he said softly. “They will make tha stone ring work?”

“They should…I just hope the leads aren’t corroded and all the wiring is still there since Jared said the panel was open,” she said.

Korin just gave her a confused look, not understanding what she was talking about; Sam grinned at him, taking the crystal back, she ruffled his hair. “Yes, they will make the stone ring work,” she said to him.

He grinned at her and jumped out of the cart, running off to find Jared. Sam packed the crystals away and turned back towards her friends. Daniel sat close to Jack, talking about something with the man as he reclined against a tree. She looked over to another tree where Teal’c sat cross-legged, his eyes closed, hands resting on his legs. She recognized the position as his kelnoreem one. She knew he probably had no chance to get sufficient rest in the mines so it was good that he felt relaxed enough to do it now. Meg was busy repacking her bag of medicines so Sam walked over to kneel beside her, wanting a closer look at some of the things in the bag.

Meg began explaining what each one would treat, showing her the little color-coded bag system she used. “Why are you telling me this, Meg?” she asked.

“Because I have an extra one in tha cart for ya ta take back with ya; ta give ta yer Janet,” the tiny woman told her, smiling.

Sam returned the smile. “Thank you, Meg. I know she’ll love it. I’m sure she’d love to meet you, too. Maybe we can come back one day to visit now that we know where the mountain is,” Sam told her.

“Ay…would be good ta see ya again and meet Janet,” Meg remarked, giving Sam a grin. “Now listen closely so ya can tell her about these.”

Sam sat down on the ground while Meg finished explaining the contents of the medical bag. Once Sam repeated everything Meg told her, the old woman was satisfied. A call sounded out and Meg rose from the stool. She called for the boys who began hitching the kitaks back to the cart. She instructed Daniel to put out the fire and to gather up the remains from the meal while she led Sam back over to the cart. The tiny woman climbed up in the back and found the extra bag, giving it to Sam.

Not having room in the backpacks for it, she tied it onto one of the straps on the side, making sure it would not come loose easily. Soon they were ready to travel again and with Daniel and Teal’c helping him, Jack climbed back in the cart, making himself comfortable. Sam climbed back up to sit next to Meg and the old woman slapped the reins across the kitaks backs, making them move forward. They were underway once more.


They traveled on at a steady pace. Sam had the time now to take in the scenery. The planet’s vegetation varied from low grasses to small scrub-like shrubs and groves of trees dotted the flat plain they rolled over now. She would have thought with two suns the environment would be more desert-like but that just went to prove how well things adapt. Even now, as the suns began to hang lower in the sky, the temperature was not that hot. Hearing laughter, she turned around to see the guys playing a game of keep-a-way with the two boys.

“Where did you find a ball?” she asked Jack when he realized they had an audience.

He held up the baseball. “You brought my backpack. I always have one in it, never know when you might need a ball,” he remarked, giving her a smile as he tossed the ball to Daniel who in turn threw it to Teal’c. Jared and Korin both made wild leaps trying to grab the thrown ball.

Sam laughed at their actions. “Well you could let them catch it every now and then,” she yelled out to Daniel who held the ball now.

“Defeats the purpose of the game,” he called back and then yelped as Korin jumped up and hung onto his back, trying to reach up to grab the ball.

Jared joined his friend and soon together they brought Daniel down. Managing to grab the ball, they ran around celebrating. This made the adults all laugh as the two boys tossed the ball back to Jack to begin the game again.

“Smart kids,” remarked Jack as he threw the ball to Teal’c.

The game continued until a call sounded and all the wagons began slowing down. Meg directed the kitaks over to a small grove not to far away from the other wagons. Pulling them to a stop, the tiny woman stood up from the seat and began giving orders.

“Sam, ya help the boys with tha animals. They’ll show ya what ta do,” she told the woman seated next to her. “Daniel, take yer big friend and gather some wood for a fire.” She looked down at Jack. “Ya just stay there off that leg.”

He grumbled but stayed put as the others went to work. “She’s quite the bossy little thing, isn’t she?” He said to Sam as she searched for the bag of grain Korin said was the kitaks’ feed.

“Yeah…Daniel and I got the feeling no one ever argues with her much. If they did they probably regretted it in some way,” she told him, grinning.

“She’s handy with a stick…I’ll give her that,” he commented.

Sam found the bag of feed and walked back to where the boys staked out the animals. She poured them each a little pile on the ground and returned the bag to the cart. Daniel and Teal’c soon returned with the firewood and while Teal’c worked on getting the fire started, Daniel walked over to help Jack hobble over to sit on the ground next to where the Jaffa worked.

Meg climbed into the back of the cart to sort through the bundles. Picking one up, she tossed it to Sam. “Blankets,” she told her, then went back to gathering her cooking utensils to prepare evening meal. Climbing down, she walked over to where Teal’c had finally started the fire. Just then, the boys ran up carrying a wrapped bundle. Meg pointed to Jack and they deposited it next to him.

“Now ya can make yerself useful,” she told him, handing him a knife. “Carve off enough of that to feed us all.”

Jack unwrapped the bundle to find it was a chunk of raw meat. Spreading the cloth on the ground, he began slicing steaks off. The tiny old woman then walked back to the cart. Calling Sam over, she handed the taller woman a bowl and began filling it with the tuber vegetables. “Ya take that back and peel them, girl, there’s another blade in my kit,” Meg told her and went back to searching for something. Soon Sam and Jack both completed their tasks and Meg began fixing the evening meal as the sky began to grow dark. Before too long, they all sat around the fire, eating from plates full of food.

Sam picked over her meal, taking small bites whenever she saw Daniel or one of the others glance her way but she really had no appetite. With the growing darkness, she was dreading sleeping, knowing that she would be unable to stop the replaying of what she’d done to Jarvis from playing through her head. Korin nudged her, snapping her from her thoughts. He handed her a water skin. Lifting it up, she took a drink and then sputtered, it was not water…it was wine. She looked over to Meg who shrugged and gave her a wink. Sam turned the skin up taking a larger drink and then passed it to Daniel.

After everyone finished with their meal and cleaned up, they sat around the fire passing the skin of wine around. Meg allowed the boys to drink a little from it and then cut them off when they started giggling. Sam laughed at the boys as she took the skin from Korin when he tried to sneak another sip. Daniel soon distracted them by calling them over to listen to a story. Looking up at the star-filled sky, Sam sighed. Bringing her head back down, she glanced over at Meg.

“Why don’t you travel and stop with the rest of the caravan?” Sam asked her.

“Because if I did, they couldn’t do that,” she said pointing over to where the boys were laughing at something Daniel said. “They would have to act as the other slaves. Not talk and play like they should be able to do.”

Sam nodded in understanding. “Maybe that can change now, Meg,” she said softly and then grew quiet as she stared into the fire.

Across the fire, Jack watched the two women’s conversation, but was unable to make out what they said because of Daniel talking with the boys. He could tell that something was on Sam’s mind from the way she sat staring into the flames now. Jack waited until Daniel finished his story and sent to boys off to get ready for bed before poking him in the side and getting his attention quietly.

“What’s wrong with Sam?” He asked Daniel.

Daniel knew this was the friend talking and not the CO by his use of her first name. “If you ask her she’ll tell you everything’s fine, but she went through some pretty rough stuff, Jack,” Daniel said, keeping his voice low. “She hasn’t told me anything that happened to her when they separated us, but she was a mess when she finally showed back up. And now I’m wondering what happened after they took her away the other night.”

“I saw her arms and the bruises on her face,” Jack told him.

“Those are just what you can see,” Daniel said, growing quiet for a moment. “If it wasn’t for Meg, she might not have made it. Well, that and a promise she made to Janet.”

Jack watched Sam as she continued to stare into the fire. He knew how much she loved the doctor. He had made the mistake of questioning their love one night after a few to many beers. It earned him a severe tongue-lashing from the pissed off major, not to mention a nice black eye from the punch she landed on him. They both apologized to each other the next day and he realized what a lucky woman Janet was to have Sam in her life after that.

“She’ll talk about it when she’s ready, Daniel,” he said softly, his voice almost a whisper.

“Speaking of talking about things, are you and Teal’c ever going to tell us what happened while you were in the mines?” asked Daniel, worried about the look on Jack’s face.

“In good time, Daniel…all in good time,” Jack replied, avoiding the question.

Daniel did not push. Instead he stood up and spread his blanket out. Sitting back down, he lay back on the pallet to stare up at the night sky. Slowly everyone settled down for the night. Everyone, that is, except Sam. She lay on her right side, staring off into the darkness and fighting away sleep for fear of her dreams.

For the next two days they kept the same routine up, until the third day when Meg told Jack to climb up and drive the cart for a bit claiming she need to stretch her old legs. Jack bit back the smart remark he wanted to make and just did as she asked. After telling him what direction to go in, she walked beside the cart and talked to Daniel. Sam realized they were leaving the rest of the caravan and looked down, asking the tiny woman where they were going.

“I’m taking ya ta tha ring, girl. The caravan does not go past it but where I gather my herbs is not far from it so they expect me to leave now,” she replied, looking up at Sam before she went back to talking to Daniel.

They traveled onwards, growing closer to the gate. Jack glanced over to look at his friend. Her face was pale and she had dark circles under eyes, not to mention she was looking rather gaunt. He saw her head nod as she fought dozing off. Not being able to resist, he asked, “Have you slept at all since we started traveling?”

Sam startled awake at the question. “Yes…well, kinda…why?”

“Because you look like shit, Carter,” he remarked.

“Gee thanks, Sir,” she replied sarcastically.

“Just letting you know…Fraiser’s gonna tear you new one when we get home you realize that, don’t you?” he told her.

Her face blanked over and she replied softly, “Yeah, I know. Jack, can I ask you question?”

He nodded. “Sure, Sam.” Her use of his first name let him know it was personal.

She took a deep breath. “Have you ever done something you know you should regret but just can’t seem to?” she asked.

“Yes, Sam, I think we all do that at some point in our lives,” he told her. “Does this have something to do with what happened back at the mountain?”

She did not answer him, just nodded.

“Talking about it with someone usually helps,” Jack told her, trying to see if maybe she would tell him some things.

“I don’t think I can, Jack,” she whispered.

“Even with Janet?” he asked.

She shrugged. “She might not like me so much if I tell her,” Sam replied softly, staring into space.

He thought for a moment. “Okay…when you feel like talking about it, you let me know and we’ll exchange stories…deal?” he said.

“Deal,” she told him and then raised a hand to shield her eyes. “Hey, is that what I think it is?” she said, pointing.

He did the same thing and said, “Yep…it’s the gate. Better get ready to do some fixing, Carter.”


Janet stopped Sam in the telling of her story by reaching over and pulling her back to lie in her arms. Squeezing her tightly, she kissed the top of her lover’s head.

“Remind me to give Jack a big hug when I see him,” she said softly.

“He does have his moments at times, doesn’t he?” remarked Sam, snuggling up against Janet’s body. “Let me finish the story, I’m almost done.”

“I think I know what’s next, Sam. You can stop there,” Janet told her.

Sam sat up quickly. “Actually, no, you don’t and if I don’t tell you this part you just might get mad at me,” she said with a grin.

Janet gave her a confused look and then sighed. “Okay…finish the story.”

Laying back down with the grin still on her face Sam continued the story….


As they grew closer to the gate, Sam saw sunlight glinting off metal. She peered into the distance again and made out the bulky shape of a MALP.

“It’s a MALP!” she exclaimed, pointing at the probe vehicle.

“Well, that’s good; standard protocol would call for them to change our GDO codes since we’ve been gone so long,” Jack said. “Now we have away of letting them know it’s really us.”

Daniel spoke up, “Meg said the DHD is over in that clump of bushes,” he said, pointing at the vegetation not far from the gate.

“No wonder we never saw it,” remarked Sam.

As Jack drew the cart closer to the spot, Sam didn’t wait for him to stop but jumped from the still moving cart. She hit the ground, stumbled, and then gained her footing, running towards the DHD to begin clearing away the overgrowth.

Once she uncovered the panel, she found that it was open, as Jared had told her. She stood up, calling out, “Daniel! I need my tool kit and a flashlight!”

As soon as Jack pulled the cart to a halt, Daniel grabbed one of the backpacks and rummaged through it, finding the small tool kit and one of their flashlights. Taking those along with the basket of crystals, he jogged over to the DHD and Sam.

She took the tools and light from him and began repairing the damage to the control panel. Sam took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down so not to make a mistake. Stopping for a minute, she shook her hands and then started over, making sure she hooked everything back up correctly. Once finished, she picked up crystals and began sliding them in, holding her breath as each crystal fit into place. She finally released the breath when the last crystal slid home and the entire lot of them lit up. Power was restored to the DHD. She let out a loud whoop, jumped up and grabbed onto Daniel, hugging him tightly.

In the time it had taken her to repair the DHD, Jack hobbled over to the MALP and waited for when they engaged the wormhole.

“Well…what are you waiting for? Dial home!” he yelled to the celebrating pair.

Daniel and Sam calmed down enough to start dialing the address. As each cartouche lit up and locked, Sam’s feelings of excitement at fixing the DHD began to turn to dread because she would have to explain her actions once they reached home. Trying to hide her feelings, she put a smile on her face and grew quiet.

As the final symbol locked and Daniel pressed the activation button, Meg walked up to stand next to them along with the boys. Daniel and Sam turned to watch their faces as the gate roared to life, the kawhooshing noise and spout caused the trio to jump back but they soon gazed upon the shimmering horizon with looks of wonder.

“Well, now…that was a sight these old eyes will remember til I die,” Meg said softly.

“It’s beautiful,” both the boys said at the same time.

Sam grinned at them, pulling her GDO out from her side pocket, and she keyed in their code. Looking towards Jack, she signaled thumbs up and he waited for the MALP to come to life. Which it did before too long and he stuck his face up close to the camera. “Hiya, General! Think you could open the door and let some very tired and hungry people come home?” he said upon hearing Hammond speak.

After talking with the General for a few minutes, Jack turned to the others. “Alrighty, campers, grab your gear…time to go home!” he called out.

Sam and Daniel walked back to the cart to get their packs, followed by Meg and the boys. Once they shouldered the backpacks, they turned to the trio.

Daniel gave Meg a hug, lifting her from the ground. “Thank you, Meg.”

The tiny woman laughed. “Put me down, boy!” Once on the ground, she returned the hug. Looking up at him, she spoke, “I told ya there was a reason for us ta meet, I’m sure it won’t be tha last time,” she told him, wiping a tear from her eye.

Sam knelt down, giving the boys a hug and ruffled their hair. “You two listen to Meg, make her proud,” she told them. Switching with Daniel she then leaned down, giving the old woman a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I’m not saying good-bye because I plan to come visit and I’ll bring Janet with me,” she told the old woman.

“Ay…ya do that girl…I want ta meet yer Janet,” Meg said, looking up at her.

While Daniel and Sam said their goodbyes, Teal’c helped Jack over to stand in front of the open event horizon. The Jaffa scanned the landscape, spotting something in the distance. “O’Neill, look!” he said loudly, pointing at the object.

“Oh crap! Carter! Daniel!” Jack yelled.

The two turned to look in the direction Teal’c pointed; they could see the object growing closer….it was a death glider.

They did not even stop to think about their actions. Daniel grabbed up Meg and Sam pulled the boys into a run, hauling ass to the gate. The whine of the glider’s engines grew louder as it neared and just as they reached the gate it fired…Meg’s cart disappeared in a huge fireball. Not waiting for a second strike, the group ran through the gate with Jack and Teal’c close behind.


They reappeared in the embarkation room to a group of SF’s with their guns leveled.

“Stand down!” General Hammond called out and then he said, “Welcome home, SG-1!”

Meg and the boys stood staring in shock at their new surroundings, too surprised by the trip through the wormhole to say anything. Sam looked around the room and then up in the control booth, but there was no sign of Janet.

She walked down the ramp her face growing serious. “Sir…where is Dr. Fraiser?”

Hammond looked closely at her appearance. “I sent her home, Major. Dr Warner is on schedule now,” he told her.

Sam looked back up the ramp at Daniel. He just nodded and she took off running. She heard the General yell, “Major Carter!” Nevertheless, she ignored him and kept running until she reached the locker rooms where she grabbed her jacket with her keys in its pocket. Slipping it on, she ran to the elevator. Reaching in her pocket, she pulled out her key card, swiping it. She bounced on her feet until the doors opened and she entered. After she hit the top floor button, the doors closed and she relaxed a bit…she was going home.


“You know the rest of it, I believe,” Sam said to Janet.

Janet didn’t say a word as they sat there in the fading light until finally she reached a hand up to pull Sam’s face around to meet hers. “Let‘s go get dressed,” she told Sam.

Sam could not help but smile. “Why?” she asked, even though she knew the answer.

Janet stood up, pulling Sam with her. “Because I have a tiny old woman to go hug, that’s why!” she exclaimed. ‘”I can’t believe neither you nor Daniel told me she was at the base!” She pushed Sam into moving towards the stairs.

“We wanted to surprise you.” Sam laughed as she climbed the stairs.

Quickly dressing, the two soon where back downstairs and out the door to drive to the base…



Janet stood on the deck watching as Daniel and Teal’c played football with the three children. Cassie decided that Korin and Jared where now her brothers and the three spent every available moment together. She looked over at the patio where Sam and Jack were arguing over the grill duties. She laughed at their antics. Some things never changed, she thought. The doctor turned to take a seat next to the tiny woman on the deck with her.

“How are you adjusting, Meg?” she asked the old woman.

“Tis different I’ll give ya that, but tha boys and I are doing fine thanks ta ya and yer Sam along with Daniel and Jack helping us,” replied Meg, smiling at the doctor.

The trio spent most of their time being ferried between households as SG-1 took over the responsibility of housing them until they could return home. Sam and Daniel were also tutoring the boys so they would make better leaders for their community. The two boys decided they wanted to work together to make their world a better place.

Janet remembered back to that first meeting between the two of them. The doctor had walked into the briefing room and straight over to where the tiny woman stood, engulfing her in a tight hug. “Thank you,” she whispered the woman’s ear.

Meg had patted her on the back and replied, “Tis nothing…I’m taking ya ta be Janet.”

Janet nodded and the two sat down to talk. Janet told her about Sam, telling her what happened to her and what she had done to Jarvis. Meg just nodded and listened. When Janet finished the old woman finally spoke, “Ay…I knew she would talk ta ya…sometimes it takes having those we love listening ta help tha healing begin; tha girl will be fine with yer help. I know this.”

A loud yell startled Janet from her thoughts and she turned away from Meg to see all three kids trying to bring Teal’c down as he tried to throw the ball to Daniel. Both she and Meg burst out laughing as they succeeded, ending up piled on top of the Jaffa.

Sam walked up the steps onto the deck. Coming to stand before Janet’s chair, she placed her hands on the chair arms and leaned down to give Janet a kiss, which probably would have lasted longer except a throat clearing made them part. She looked over at Meg and raised an eyebrow. “Hmm?” she sounded.

“Stop that, there are young ones present,” the old woman admonished but gave the pair a wink and a grin.

The two women started laughing and it only stopped when Jack called out that the food was ready; pulling Janet up, Sam wrapped her in a hug. “You go sit with them at the picnic table. Jack and I have some things to talk about so we’re going to go sit under the tree,” Sam told her.

“He’s finally ready to talk then, huh?” the doctor, asked looking up at Sam.

“Yup…so give us some time alone, okay?” her lover replied.

“Take all the time you need, sweetie,” Janet said softly, cupping the back of Sam’s head and pulling it down to place a soft kiss on her lips.

“For crying out loud, Carter…stop making out and come get your food!” yelled Jack.

The pair turned to glare at him and then, grinning, they both stuck out their tongues at the man. Laughing, they walked down the steps to get their food. Once everyone settled down to eat, Janet glanced over at where Sam and Jack sat under the tree. She could see them talking and it made her smile. Everything was going to be fine. Sam was home, Jack was talking and they had new friends to care for…yes…everything was just fine.


This really is a fantastic story. Looking forward to the rest of it.
oops reread header and realised this is the last part... sequel?
hmmm..haven't thought about a sequel to this one...for the other one I mentioned yes, there is a sequel in the works but I need to get the first one fixed before that happens.
actually this was the final part...I have another monster fic written but it needs to be edited...bleh...Thanks for reading and commenting!
I know I commented in your LJ as you posted this story, but I don't think I ever commented on the ending. So, it's time to rectify my oversight.

Amazing storyline. You managed all the different aspects wonderfully and realistically, especially the more difficult pieces. Well done. :)
*bows* I take that as a great compliment coming from you and thanks for re-reading it. If it wasn't for my friends egging me on when I was working on it I don't think it ever would have been finished...now I have to edit the Replicarter one and share it with others...*g*
I'm glad you enjoyed the story...thank you for reading it.
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