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Regina Mills

ralst in passion_perfect

Beta Readers - sign up

I meant to do this before I went on holiday, but I got so carried away with the packing and whatnot that I forgot. But better late than never.

If you'd like to offer your services as a beta read, please include your details in a reply to this post (don't reply to a reply). I shall then put up a link to this post on the right of the community, along with the other links, and that way anyone looking for a beta will know where to look - also, it means you can edit or delete your post should you need to, and others can add their details when they wish.

Include the following info as a minimum (if you want to add more, that's up to you):

E-mail or other contact info
Fandoms (including original) you're willing to beta
Specifics - whether you're offering grammar/spelling type services or fandom specific knowledge without the grammar or both
Limitation - things you wouldn't want to beta (pairings or ratings or whatever)


Name: Tina
E-mail: tinabrown123@gmail.com AIM: ilikebigwords1
Fandoms: L&O (all), Wicked
Specifics: I can do grammar/spelling and character based stuff for most pairings
Limitation: No limits... nothing bothers me anymore, lol. :)
Name Celievamp (Jo)

E-mail or other contact info jo.raine@ntlworld.com

Fandoms (including original) you're willing to beta
for spelling/grammar - any
for fandom specifics - particularly stargate/atlantis, Dr Who/Torchwood, Star Trekverse, Buffyverse, Firefly, Farscape, CSI, Criminal Minds.
No limitations

Name -- Aubz
E-mail -- making.fiction@shattered-bliss.net AIM: gestEnuff Yahoo: feelinlikeafreak
Fandoms -- Women's Murder Club
Specifics -- Fandom Specific Knowledge, grammar and spelling if needed/wanted.
Limitation -- Pretty much will beta anything =D
Name: Natalie
E-mail or other contact info: Msg me here about outside contact info.
Fandoms (including original) you're willing to beta: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, The Devil Wears Prada
Specifics - whether you're offering grammar/spelling type services or fandom specific knowledge without the grammar or both: Specifics for all (film only for TDWP). Grammar/spelling for all.
Limitation - Nothing phases me anymore.

Edited at 2013-01-27 04:16 (UTC)

Beta Request

name - emma
email details - ptingtong@hotmail.com
fandoms- any (i am most familiar with BTVS, CSI, Law & Order SVU)
specifics - i can help with spelling and grammer and specific fandom knowledge
limitations - none, i will try and help with anything
Name: Green
E-mail or other contact info: darkdolphin2007@gmail.com
Fandoms (including original) you're willing to beta: DEBS, One Tree Hill, Women's Murder Club, Whedonverse, Harry Potter, The L Word, Battlestar Galactica, Popular... I'm really willing to beta near anything.
Specifics- I'm happy to check grammar or spelling, and can also help with some fandom specifics, particularly Whedonverse, One Tree Hill, L Word, South of Nowhere and most Harry Potter
Limitation - No limitations
Name: Shadower
E-mail: shadower872@yahoo.com
Fandoms: Bones, Birds of Prey, CSI Miami, DEBS, House, Imagine Me & You, Karen Sisco, L&O, L&O SVU, NCIS, Nikki & Nora, Sarah Connor, ST: Voyager, The Devil Wears Prada, Wicked, Xena, Originals, and others dependent on personal whim...
Offerings: Grammar, spelling, style, characterization, continuity - the works.
Limitations: I don't do non-consensual, BDSM, and graphic violence, but other then that...
Also, if you're in hurry to post - You probably shouldn't come to me.
Pairings: Criminal Minds; Bad Girls; Birds of Prey- tv verse; L&O SVU; NCIS; Popular; T:SCC; Stargate (all); Star Trek; WMC

Specifics: I can work with grammar and puncuation, as long as your okay with American lingo. I am comfortable reading standard English and Britishism though, so if that's what you do, just let me know first. I also only listed shows I watch so I would be comfortable judging the characters and judging cannon.

Limitation: Don't like O/C in SVU and I won't read J/7 in Voyager. Other than that send it on, baby.
Name: Cheri
Email: cheri@c-spot.net
Fandoms: Bad Girls (Series 1 - 3), Xena, BtVS, Facts of life, Original
Specifics: I'm great with grammar, spelling, and plot/character consistencies. I know the first three series of Bad Girls very well, have recently re-watched the first 2 seasons of Xena and working my way through the rest (courtesty of Netflix instant viewing), have seen every episode of Buffy, and enjoy Facts of Life but haven't actually watched an episode since I was a teen and they were still on TV.
Limitations: I don't have any qualms beta'ing any maturity level or size. Or pairings. Or much of anything.

P&P Site

Please feel free to add me to the list kept on the P&P site.

I need a beta

I have been trying and failing to write mistake free fanfic. Please help me.

The story is Fool To Think. It's a BtVS fandom. Take a look. If you have the time I'd appreciate some help.


Re: I need a beta

If you have a document with the whole thing in it, you can email it to me. If not, I'll compile one from the links and send you my suggestions in Word.

I'm happy to give it a shot.

Thanks for contacting me. You can email me directly: cheri at c-spot.net

Name: Trublu
E-mail: dancinbandfool1390@yahoo.com
AIM: trublu2008
YIM: dancinbandfool1390
Live: trublu.2008@live.com
Fandoms: BtVS, T:SCC, Law & Order (all 4, inc. TBJ), Conviction, Cold Case, Without a Trace, House, Fringe, BSG, NCIS
Specifics: With the above fandoms would come fandom knowledge, in addition to grammar craziness. For other fandoms, grammar only, though in some cases I may be able to catch on to plot.
Limitations: Not many, though keep in mind that I'm a student, so turnaround time on larger works will be longer.
I'm already listed, but I just wanted to update my info:

Name: LolaRayyy
E-mail: lolarayyy@gmail.com
Fandoms: Criminal Minds, Mutant X, South of Nowhere, Skins
Offerings: Grammar, spelling, plot, American language, flow, and encouragement!
Ratings: Any
Limitation- No songfics. Sorry, just not my cup o' tea.
and to update in fandoms: Grey's Anatomy. Except I know nothing about Erica, so sorry in advance if I'm clueless.
Name: Meghan
E-mail or other contact info: Megasmle@hotmail.com - It may take me a day or two to get back to you.
Fandoms: CSI Vegas, BtVS/Angel, DollHouse, Firefly, House, Grey's Anatomy, Popular, Birds of Prey, X-men, The Hollows, Xena, Voyager, L Word, Rent, Legend of the Seeker (TV or book 'verse), Terminator SCC
Specifics: I can offer specific knowledge for most of those fandoms. Especially anything in the Joss-verse. I can also offer help with grammar/spelling, and you can bounce ideas off me if your muse abandons you.
Limitation: None, really. Any rating or length. Most pairings.

Edited at 2010-08-25 02:35 (UTC)

Re: help?

You need to be a member of the community before you can post to it; so all you need to do is join. As for lj cuts, you can find the info here: http://community.livejournal.com/passion_perfect/757816.html
Name: Stacey

E-mail: betapup@comcast.net

Fandoms: Warehouse 13; Xena; Facts of Life; Star Trek:Voyager, Next Generation, and Enterprise; Birds of Prey (TV); Legend of the Seeker (TV); Rizzoli & Isles (TV); NCIS; Nikki & Nora; older DC/Marvel 'verses

Offerings: I'm confidently familiar with the canons of the fandoms I listed above, so I can offer spelling, grammar, plot, continuity, characterization, and language help, as well as encouragement and a sounding board for them and also for original work. For other fandoms, I can probably offer all except characterization, although I probably know enough about a lot of other fandoms to recognize the pairings and major character traits. Fair warning - I may inundate you with questions to get a sense of where the story is going and what you expect of your characters.

Ratings: Any, but please include content disclaimers so I know what to expect.

Edited at 2013-06-13 01:22 (UTC)
Name - Kirsty
E-mail or other contact info: DM here or kirsty_mf@hotmail.com
Fandoms (including original) you're willing to beta: Bad Girls, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Rizzoli & Isles, One Tree Hill, there are others and Ill give any a go, if your interested then message me and I'll tell you if I think I can do it!
Specifics - I'll do whatever you would like me to do.
Limitation - I don't mind anything.
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