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Passion Perfect

it's all about the ladies

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This is an lj community for the femslash, fanfiction site Passion and Perfection. The community is for questions, suggestions, polls and general chatter about the site, femslash, fandoms or writing. Femslash fanfiction and fanart can also be posted to the community, so long as it abides by the site rules:

+ Femslash only
+ No depictions of incest, besteality, sex with minors
+ All participants in a sexual relationship must be 17 or older (that means they need to have reached adulthood in canon to be eligible). Dawn (BtVS) pairings are not eligible for inclusion on this community, despite the comics.
+ No real people fics
+ Rape, sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse are only accepted as part of a non-descriptive and no-exploitative storylines. The maintainer must always be consulted before a story containing such material is posted.
+ Warnings - include warnings for content and spoilers where appropriate
+ No flames

Please post all stories behind a cut (or fake cut to your own journal) and include the following information:

+ Title
+ Fandom
+ Pairing (not nickname)
+ Warnings or Spoilers (if necessary)
+ Summary
+ Rating

Tag all entries: both fandom(s) and media should be tagged if you are posting a story, graphic or video. For other types of posts you will see a list of tags on the right hand side of the community, and one of those should be used, where appropriate. If there is not an appropriate tag, you should use the !tag and an appropriate tag will be created.

Large or multiple graphics, multiple icons and multiple YouTube or other embedded videos should also be put under an lj cut. A small number of preview icons or a reduced size graphic or one embedded YouTube video above the cut is fine.

All spoilers should be placed beneath an lj-cut and labelled accordingly. No spoilers should be mentioned in the subject line.


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